Hammer through Mirror at 120,000fps – The Slow Mo Guys

Hammer through Mirror at 120,000fps – The Slow Mo Guys

The Matrix is real.
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Filmed on the Phantom v2511 at 120,000fps at 512×320 pixels.

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20 Responses

  1. Finn Gilmartin says:

    3 views….12 likes…..how?

  2. Matt Conklin says:

    Last time I was this early my dick wasn’t out for Harambe

  3. Proraptor Gaming says:

    7 years of bad luck incoming

  4. Miraak says:

    Film a sneeze in slow motion

  5. Clockwork Cyborg says:

    i know you see this commentt if you click my name and see mi vids u will
    get cancer no lie

  6. Ethan Welch says:

    Martial arts surely for the next episode. Why not? Get some one who can
    chop through stone or something. That would be epic.

  7. Kristina Beniušiene says:

    at 1:40 put youtube speed at 0.25 lol berly moveing

  8. w00dmii5t3r says:

    I’d like to see what happens when you hit the side of the mirror?

  9. Tuna Benkurt says:

    video play speed = 0,5 now its 240k fps

  10. Inventions says:

    Sei que não vão entender nem responder, mas vocês são fodas!

  11. hxduck says:

    Film water freezing

  12. Abdul Kadir Uddin says:

    how dare they break those mirrors, they should take some time to reflect on
    what they have done XD

  13. Cameron says:

    This channel is litterally breaking stuff in slow motion

  14. Dylan SJ Perez says:

    Pane of glass at 3:40 looks like Murica.

  15. Max J. says:

    Do you think different saw blades cutting trough wood, metal and stone
    would be nice to watch in slow motion?

  16. +x Warlost Garrix says:

    What about triggering radical feminists in 100,000 fos?

  17. tikizak123 says:

    What’s 7 years of bad luck in 120,000 frames per second?

  18. JiizzyJeffMusic says:

    Hey guys, would you mind giving my songs a listen..

  19. Monte Schellenberger says:

    I came from the future. I had to go back in time because YouTube no longer
    exists in 2046. Google went bankrupt, and now we have BloobTube, where The
    Slow Mo Guyz (“Slow Mo Guys” was already taken) just uploaded their 32K
    video on breaking glass with an old fashioned hammer such as this.

  20. ChrisOfTheDead says:

    I just watched The Matrix the other day (with Rifftrax) and thought that
    the warping shock wave from that scene was probably what might happen,
    though not as exaggerated, because of the warping shattering CD video you
    guys did. Funny how how it all comes together like that. :)