Hamster Has Epic Fail on Running Wheel

Hamster Has Epic Fail on Running Wheel

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Credit: Elder Sanchez via Storyful
Original video: www.twitter.com/_missmiranduh/status/890338393401442304

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20 Responses

  1. Maria-V. O. says:

    Thank you for uploading it. I was looking for it and the girl that uploaded this video first put her account on private. It’s just so damn funny

  2. Dave Brookshire says:

    Way to get back up and going on that wheel though, little guy! Way to go!

  3. dutchkaval says:

    Hang in there buddy

  4. Floris Fiedeldij Dop says:

    Reminds me of ohio state fair

  5. kttsflips says:

    lol he just got fucked up

  6. Jose Ramirez says:

    You can’t fool me with your fancy trick! That hamster was clearly a paid actor!

  7. S. Williams says:

    Awww, Poor baby

  8. dee bee says:

    When my girl tells me to make it quick

  9. Anton Nzl says:

    Oh no…. the entire time watching this poor fella go through his very regretful decision I was just laughing and thinking, “Oh… no. I shouldn’t laugh but its fucking hilarious.”

  10. Matad0rr says:

    Prepare, the animal activists are coming to storm the comments…

  11. PatelSunny says:

    This made me extremely sad

  12. Star Butterfly says:

    Poor Hamster… πŸ™

  13. tallasianchick says:

    A++++ content

  14. Yung Wun says:

    This is the content that I use YouTube for.

  15. SBs Biscuit says:

    the word “epic fail” died in like 2014

  16. Benjamin Sam says:

    I thought the hamster was going to get decapitated by the wheel

  17. MyLifeAsLouis says:

    It’s like something you watch in cartoons but in real life xD

  18. This thumbnail has an impossible Mushroom Island. says:

    +1 for not filming upright.

  19. _chowder_ powder says:

    and thats the wayyyy the news go

  20. Webty00 says:

    The stuck one was like stop running dumbass πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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