Haney & Loma Put On Instant Classic | Haney Retains Undisputed Belts | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

Haney & Loma Put On Instant Classic | Haney Retains Undisputed Belts | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

Watch #highlights from the main event of #haneyloma featuring #devinhaney and #vasiliylomachenko In the back and forth affair, it was Haney who won by decision to retain his undisputed belts.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, Luis Alberto “El Venado” Lopez may have to start calling himself “The Road Warrior.” Lopez will make the first defense of his IBF featherweight world title against Michael “Mick” Conlan on Saturday, May 27, at The SSE Arena in Conlan’s hometown of Belfast.

Lopez captured the title last December, venturing to Josh Warrington’s home base of Leeds, England, to grind out a majority decision.

Lopez-Conlan and undercard bouts will stream live and exclusively on ESPN+ in the United States. BT Sport will broadcast the event in the UK and Ireland.

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37 Responses

  1. U227 says:

    Judges should be held accountable for these horrible decisions.

    • Tony Johnson says:

      Loma loss go cry about it

    • JB says:

      Its Nevada, they always have been and always will be corrupt, nothing will happen.

    • vv says:

      Haney only landed 60 punches on the face when Loma landed twice more than haney and landed 115 punches
      Loma outlanded more Jab than “the best jabber” haney
      Haney never hurt loma and loma clearly hurt haney in 10 th round. Easy to score

    • FURNITURE LAB says:

      Those judges are discreasful, really! And a shame to this beautiful sport.

  2. Fran Dominguez says:

    No importa que te roben los combates, porque los que entendemos el boxeo sabemos que eres el N1. Mis respetos LOMA

    • LeeBarlow X says:

      It doesn’t but it does, as boxing fans we want to see the best fight the best and now we won’t have great fights like Loma Davis or anybody else Loma deserves to fight

    • PraiseTheAlmightyGod says:

      ​​@LeeBarlow X No, but will see a weak chin boi like Haney get destroyed by Tank or Shakur. If Haney kept getting wobbled by Loma’s jab, he would make it past the 3rd round with either of them.

  3. Rahul Singh says:

    This fkn heartbreaking man. Devin is a young fighter who fought well. This loss should have been a good lesson for him to learn and come back a better fighter. Instead, they robbed a legendary fighter in Loma who’s now 35 years old and won’t get another chance for those belts even tho he should be the unified champion..

  4. Michael Gunn says:

    One could honestly say that every loss lomachenko has on his record was caused by poor judging. Lomachenkos legacy is being sabotaged by these judges. My heart goes out to him and his team. He is one of the greatest fighters of all time inside and outside the ring. It’s just so disrespectful.

  5. Ramon Garcia Cruz says:

    Loma is the champion. He is such a classy boxer. Such elegance and finesse. This is clearly an unanimous victory for Loma!!!

    • pu be says:

      Loma lost bruh he started way too late.

    • Sergio Andrade says:

      @pu be 😂

    • Georgios Panagkasidis says:

      @pu be What do you mean he started late they through the same amount of punches the first 5 rounds maybe Loma more, watch the video again, Loma throughs combinations everytime, I really dont understand people who talk about the late start, it feels that they did not watched the fight or that they are ai bots or something

  6. Ryan Porteous says:

    Masterclass from Loma! How he didn’t win this fight is unbelievable!

  7. J says:

    A judge gave Round 10 to Haney!
    Shame this beautiful sport is ruined by bad (corrupt?) judging

  8. hulk7272 says:

    Wow!? Just from watching this highlight it looks to me like Loma won this fight. It looks like he certainly scored more shots.

    • 17CloverBIZ says:

      The highlights mostly only highlight Loma’s best moments and not Haney’s. This way Ukrainian won’t feel as he let them down and some can argue that he actually won the fight . They need the motivation right now .

    • BLAKHEART says:

      @17CloverBIZ loma schooled Haney, idc what you say lol

    • Christian Blanco says:

      ​@17CloverBIZ Well, even if you watch the full fight, Loma won

    • Dio Del Vino says:

      Highlights are literally the worst way to judge a fight because they dont show the whole fight dude…. be forreal. I can edit a video and make it look like someone who lost actually won, you know how rediculous it would be if people saw that and called the fight a robbery just cause i edited a video and skewed it in favor of someone else??

  9. Cowboys Time says:

    Loma’s face when pillow hands gives him the handshake in the end. That “you know you lost” face.

  10. JxExBx25 says:

    Speechless. Absolutely speechless at that result.

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