Hangin’ w/ The Hamiltons: Welcome!

Hangin’ w/ The Hamiltons: Welcome!

Did you feel a connection to Lauren and Cameron’s love story? Wish you could see more of them? Do you find yourself rewatching their story, while wondering, “I wonder what they’re up to now?” Well, wonder no longer, because you have been granted an all-access pass to Hangin’ with the Hamiltons!

Hangin’ with the Hamiltons follows Lauren and Cameron’s day-to-day adventures – their highs, lows, and everything in between. They talk about their relationship, date ideas, recipes for dinner at home, travel, blending families, and raising a rascal of a dog. Everything is fair game. Subscribe and tune into Hanging with the Hamilton to see the adventure continue .

Video snippets from “BTS” @IamTeko

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61 Responses

  1. Basilio Martino says:

    Move over Beckhams the Hamiltons are here now!

  2. Noella Anyangwe says:

    Cameron and Lauren prayer sessions in the comments of each video. Society isn’t going to break this couple, IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME, AMEN!

  3. MaryMargaret says:

    Big nerd energy but I’d love to hear about Cameron’s work in AI and how he got involved in STEM!

  4. Trudi-Ann Kinlock says:

    From the first episode when Cam opened his mouth, i was like yup ik im bout to love him…and then him and lauren got together and i was like yup i love her too but i just especially love how Cam is like something out of a fairytale as lauren said. The way he looks at her, talks to her, and is all about her is not something you see. You can see that he is truly madly deeply in love with her so much so he got a dog he swore he wouldnt get in past relationships lol. But anyways. Lauren girl i love you. I love the way you present us black women in such a positive light, i love your personality. I see alot of qualities in you that i have myself. Its like youre my actual sister from another mister lol. Now my husband is hoping you guys dont give me any ideason this channel 😂. I wish you both the best, and i know how hard youtube can be on couples at times, so i hope you two always know we are here for yall and will understand if yall dont post as often and dont let it all get in the way of whats truly important ❤ #melaninpower ok maybe more like #vanillaandchocolateswirlpower

  5. C Graham says:

    It’s great they are controlling the content of their reality show and public relationship. This way they can keep their relationship respectable and classy as they are. A great choice to allow the world into your world this way.

  6. Alyas Vlogs says:

    Them: I’m Lauren Speed Hamilton;
    and I’m Cameron Hamilton.

    Me: say no more fam *subscribes*

  7. Tamie Mimi says:

    “Ah man, sorry, I got distracted there looking at L Speed!” #StopIt‼️🙌🏾🥰😭😍😆🙌🏾🥰😭 #Goals!

  8. Liesl Harewood says:

    “Oh man sorry I got distracted there…” too cute. Ok so things I’d like to know…books, what books are you reading, what books you like etc. Similarly for music….what cool thing (maybe once a month) that you’ve done that you never did before whether individually or as a couple (so like how are you challenging each other and pushing each other out of your comfort zone), more about AI stuff Cameron, can you break it down to us….in a rap lolol (no seriously though)…that’s all I got for now…

  9. Don't let me fade away says:

    OH MY GOODNESS this will sound totally shallow, but I just can’t get over the fact how beautiful Lauren is and how handsome Cameron is! I was so excited for them to meet for the first time, we already knew they were 10/10 and they had no idea!

  10. BelindaLou says:

    Now y’all know that little 2 minutes wasn’t enough… can’t wait for the episodes … 💕💕💕

  11. Javi Vasq. says:

    Their personality balance each other so well. He’s so mellow and she’s so bubbly yet he’s so sensitive too and she seems sharper. LORD SEND ME ONE LIKE THIS

    • M J says:

      All you gotta do is stop acting ghetto. Speak proper English. Act your best. Use your manners. Be a Queen and Earn a King!

    • solitairedoll says:

      M J this is the worst comment ever. We are reporting this comment for racism and spam. Go away.

    • Kizzi Kimani says:


    • os terminal says:

      @solitairedoll I thought ghettos were where poor people lived? Where’s the racism? How’s he wrong? People like you are going to continue to fool yourselves into believing you deserve something greater than you. Ego is a biiiiitch.

  12. Naomi Evans says:

    Something about yalls love, brings hope to all of us around the 🌎 … I really do believe it is Divine… y’all make me smile big af… at home, in my car, at work…this can’t be healthy… I feel like I’m in y’all relationship 🤣🤣🤣 it’s a shame… but thank you for reigniting the 🔥 of love for all of us who almost stopped believing🥰 Striving to be “Loved Properly” 2020 & beyond

  13. LennyLou 1990 says:

    Cameron literally walked away with the best woman! Truly want nothing but the best for you two!

  14. Anonymous Q says:

    Lauren said “Fine White man Cameron stuff.” 😂😂😂😂

  15. Whole Life Nurse says:

    I think this is so great what y’all are doing! Just remember, we fell in love with y’all not putting on a show and being “on” in front of the camera, but your organic selves just chatting and being REAL Lauren and Cameron! The reason people have fallen in love with y’all is because your story speaks so much volume to SO many things about love! There’s not a lot of stories like yours out there, so don’t worry about entertaining us! We love the REAL! It’s fun to be entertained and have energy and blah blah blah, but Lauren you’re just naturally an entertainer and we all have fallen in love with how Cameron watches you shine and his reserved support! I’m excited for this Channel but just be y’all!!!! You never had to put on an energetic show for us before…..we just want to see Lauren and Cameron’s organic life together! It’s such a beautiful story to watch unfold and follow! You guys are a beautiful couple and we are in love with the real organic amazing human beings you are! Just don’t lose that! Love!!!!!!

    • Danila Kassels says:

      Whole Life Nurse wise words spoken🙏🏾

    • Hanging With The Hamiltons says:

      Hey! Lauren here!
      Cam and I will always be ourselves no matter what. But any task that you do whether it’s cooking a meal, changing a baby or filming a vlog requires “ENERGY” we pride ourselves on being authentic. It’s not about putting on a show it’s about not half doing things. But We really appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the channel. 🙏🏾 (Plus it might just be the production side of me 🤷🏾‍♀️)

    • Danila Kassels says:

      Hanging With The Hamiltons that’s why we love 💕 you guys be blessed lovelies🙏🏾💕🙏🏾

    • Angel Doll Avakin says:

      Hanging With The Hamiltons I agree 100% Lauren!! I guess we’re all rooting for you two so badly we just a lil nervus that’s all lol Love you both! Proud to know you’re from Detroit!! ❤️🙏🏽

    • Whole Life Nurse says:

      Hanging With The Hamiltons I feel so honored you responded! THANK YOU! I hear you girl & completely agree! Just wanted to send love and let y’all know how much of a fan I am of your two together! Excited to see this Chanel grow and Hang With The Hamilton’s 🤗! Thank you both for being willing to share your story with us! ❤️

  16. Teresa Pittman says:

    Stay true to yourselves (that’swhy we love you guys). Don’t try to overly please your fans. Your real fans want to see you guys last a lifetime. With that said, Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton! Enjoy every moment together. 💕

  17. gentlegirl88 says:

    Protect the Hamiltons at all Cost!!! This is exactly what the world needs right now.

  18. bill wenham says:

    This is the couple that will bring peace to the world and unite us all.

  19. Jacqueline Mendoza says:

    Y’all make marriage look so easy!!! Just don’t get caught up in showing everything about y’all life because y’all have something good going on!! 😎

  20. Ngozi Ukairo says:

    I pray Lauren doesn’t lose the way she was with Cameron on the show. She always had kind words for him and let him know, even when he was afraid like in the marriage ceremony she always encouraged him. I also noticed that bolstered him up to love her the more. Lauren don’t lose that aspect of you. Many women when they get married forget what their husband saw in them. Anytime Lauren complimented him, bolstered his ego, it calmed him down, helped give him the strength to love her more. Those that stuck in my mind, “you are a beautiful man I don’t need to see you to say that”, ” you are perfect”, “you literally look like Prince Charming”, ” beautiful” at marriage ceremony. Those kind words are what men wanna hear. Respect is key even when he is at fault. Someone like Cam, look at him at the reunion is not cut to listen to negativity. He is not built for that. I see a lot of Cam in me. Cam I hope he doesn’t lose his vulnerability and determination to take care of his wife like he promised. Y’all make us so happy. Greetings from England/Nigeria

    • Angel Doll Avakin says:

      Ngozi Ukairo Great words of advice

    • JR4GOD says:

      It really not that serious😂😂

    • millienl says:

      Great advice

    • hey handsome says:

      I‘m telling my boyfriend everyday how much I love his appearance and his character and I will never stop 🌻 he had some trust issues with women before we met and he opened up so much since we got together 🥰 he has a pure and sensitive heart (also a cancer, like Cameron haha) and is just gold 💛 I will never let him down and I’m so glad, that he knows that.

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