Hannah Brown reveals she wants Tyler C. to be ‘part of her life’ l GMA

Hannah Brown reveals she wants Tyler C. to be ‘part of her life’ l GMA

The morning after the most dramatic ‘Bachelorette’ finale ever, Hannah B. is live in Times Square to answer our burning questions.

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Hannah Brown may not be engaged after her journey on “The Bachelorette,” but in spite of the tumultuous ending she has closure from the heartbreak and said she is “ready to move on.”

Brown told “Good Morning America” that coming face-to-face with Jed on “After the Final Rose” Monday night was nerve-wracking but gave her the closure she needed.


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70 Responses

  1. Kendall Cole says:

    I’m so proud of Hannah. You can really see how much she’s grown since she started on Colton’s season. All the love to her ❤️

  2. Reiley Collier says:

    I am so proud of her for not allowing Jed to be a part of her life! She deserves better than to date someone full of lies. Even the engagement seemed off. I’m wishing her the best!

    • Christina Marie says:

      Reiley Collier right! She was all excited and his excitement (if you want to call it that) didn’t seem genuine, and he was almost robotic

    • Reiley Collier says:

      Christina Marie he seemed like he was thinking “oh no” ?

    • Krumpulous says:

      In that same regard, I think Tyler needs to duck out. If Hannah’s judgement is as bad as it was that she picked a cheater, why should Tyler choose her? She rejected him, he shouldn’t take her back. I really don’t care either way. The Bachelor/Bachelorette are why America is screwed as a nation.

    • Reiley Collier says:

      Krumpulous then why do you bother to watch? No point in shaming it, and still watching, adding to our “screwed nation”

    • Emma Dunn says:

      Krumpulous No one believed he was a cheater until the article came out

  3. Mwanamke Bora says:

    Sometimes we need to go through such experiences to grow. Even though we look very stupid while doing those mistakes. The only difference is that her stupid decisions were broadcasted on national tv. Alot of women go through this and men too

    • Kat Perse says:

      Don’t re-call dating multiple men and picking the one who was the coldest to me, but ok. She was straight up blind…In her defence, never believes she was serious about finding husband. It was all about travel, handsome men, free booze and exposure. Can’t say I blame her. I would go on that show to travel for free too.

    • angelonearth242 says:

      @Mwanamke Bora i agree.. can compare to a woman knowing 2 guys, thinking it’ll work with 1 and giving him a chance over the other, but afterwards realizing he was the wrong choice, and hoping to make it work with the other. In the Bachelorette the situation is more intense and she’s dating both the same time. Although i would want to see Tyler as the Bachelor, I wouldn’t be upset if him and Hannah worked out.

  4. madina Noor says:

    And am sooo proud of her. She’s strong.i hope her and Tyler get together again. Am praying for that.

  5. Holly Wood says:

    She is so well spoken. You can see her pageant training right here. I wanted Tyler all along and hope things work out.

    • Mary Bell says:

      Sorry but I don’t know of any pageant winners that would announce to a TV audience that they had sex with someone four times. The problem is that she has no filter or judgment. Virtually anyone would have taken Peter/Tyler over JED. Jed the couch surfing musician with no personality and for someone aspiring to be a singer – well, he can’t sing. He is not well spoken and it shows in his so-called nonexistent song writing skills. Hanna got rid of dozens of good men and kept Jed – against the feelings of both her family and his – there is just no explaining this idiocy.

    • Wendy Alien says:


    • Llouise Boyd says:

      @quesadillo True

    • Holly Wood says:

      In response to everyone questioning my evaluation of her communication. I was commenting on her interview here and found it very articulate and found her words to be well selected and thoughtful. Just my opinion.

    • I love noodles says:

      @Holly Wood
      The interview itself, (this one) went well. You are correct. Hannah is real and *anyone* has stumbled when speaking about senstive subjects especially when the spotlight is on.

  6. LaTavia Washington says:

    Some of y’all are mean af. I hope her and Tyler meeting up again is something positive . I really like Hannah

  7. Time Is illmatic says:

    I was routing for Tyler Hannah wtf

  8. Khaddy B says:

    Jed seemed like a wall in most of the talk with Hannah… then when he felt her decision coming he mustered up some passion but it was still fake.

    • MysticMysteries says:

      Totally agree! I was so confused by the last several episodes, wondering “What the heck does she see in him?!?”. There didn’t seem to be much passion or even conversation. But then again, in the final months producers knew the outcome, so I wonder if they edited it to bring out the worst? The family visit was full of glaring red flags! Really want to know what we DIDN’T see that made her fall for him so hard that it overpowered such wonderful other contestants and a family full of Debbie Downers.

    • Khaddy B says:

      @MysticMysteries I want to know myself. I am really worried for Tyler….

    • Carol Mccannon says:

      That’s why he brought a guitar with him to propose! He should have used his guitar for his “apology.” LOL

  9. Obsessed fangirl 1D13 says:

    Ik some people might think of Tyler as second best and in someways that’s true but I also think that there are arguments to me maid, regardless if they want to make this relationship happen it will happen and if he doesn’t feel the same way anymore then he doesn’t but regardless I wish both of them the best together and individually

  10. Lori A says:

    That dress is GORGEOUS.

  11. Tatum Villanueva says:

    “Dog food jingling Jed” LMAOOO

  12. SFILMS says:

    Tyler deserves to be someone’s FIRST choice. not an after thought because you made a bad decision. he deserves to be the bachelor, either him or Mike.

    • Melissa Haletky says:

      Maybe Tyler wants to be with Hannah. Maybe he was hoping it would not work out with Jed. Tyler said no matter what, he would be there for Hannah. He is kerping his promise. What are you going to do if they are going to end up together.

    • Melissa Haletky says:

      @UCaGdpKUOZTKH-SGFOgaLuZQ It is all up to Tyler now. If he want to have drinks with Hannah, he will. Everyone needs to settle their tea kettle and let the cards fall where they may. I don’t see Tyler kicking rocks over this situation.

    • Cat Whisperer says:

      Davin Yu If that was the case, she would have had to decide between Peter and Tyler.

    • Melissa Haletky says:

      Love how everyone is pissed of for Tyler. Yet Tyler himself is nowhere near pissed off.

  13. Keeping Life Flowing says:

    I hope she and Tyler end up together. Sometimes the road to love is circuitous. She would have chosen Tyler if Jedd came clean before the proposal.

    • Melissa Haletky says:

      @Aida Hinch not up to you and you don’t know what he is thinking. Don’t know if you remember Jason Mesnic. But he proposed to Melissa Rycroft but dumped her then proposed to Molly and they got married. So don’t say it won’t work. You don’t get to think for others.

    • Cat Whisperer says:

      Melissa Haletky I agree with you. I’m sure he would have said something if he didn’t want to give their relationship another shot

    • Cat Whisperer says:

      Aida Hinch You don’t know what he’s thinking.

    • Melissa Haletky says:

      Jed said it. If he came clean, Hannah would have left. She left any way.

    • Melissa Haletky says:

      @Cat Whisperer compeating with 29 other heads can’t be easy. Now they can actually get to know each other.

  14. Sylvia Cooper says:

    Why does she pick all of the losers. First Luke p then Jed ?

    • Dusty Finucan says:

      Zack Mitchell nahh he just wanted to control her

    • Bey Carter says:

      Because Hannah is immature, a drama-queen (which she refers to as her “Beast side”), and doesn’t know what she wants in a man. She pretty much did the teenage thing: dated a guy for his song and guitar, rebel against her parents and ignore all of the red flags by dating a guy they didn’t like, trying to break out of her shell (by going against her Christianity), etc.

    • Sarah Kern says:

      Sylvia Cooper she’s a blonde from Alabama, what did you expect?

    • Sarah Kern says:

      Bey Carter and she persuaded guys to be fake by taking “bold” actions just to impress her

    • Raining Watermelons says:

      Thank goodness she is continuing to grow after picking two losers.

  15. W TF? says:

    Regarding Jed…
    Does the word
    “SCUMBAG” come to mind for anyone else besides me?

    • marie fleming says:

      W TF? Yes and he cannot SING

    • Adriana Duran says:

      YES! I kept calling him garbage since Peter left. its mean but it shows a lot about a person who can do this to someone and still try and lie about it until she calls him out on it and forces him to be honest cause hes now on TV.

  16. Boom ds says:

    I like that Hannah isn’t putting pressure on Tyler. She’s basically saying let’s hangout and see how things go because Tyler might just want to be friends.

  17. Jill G. says:

    Tyler for bachelor but if he is with Hannah then Dancing with the Stars! We need him on our screen.

  18. Jenni Pie says:

    Did you not look at his body language he was into it he was turn towards her leaning forward he clearly still loves her and everything. And look at their social media they were flirting so much and I’m sure they were dming before this. Plus his mom followed her before tonight and don’t you think they would have made sure he was into before so he obviously said yes before hand.

  19. gingersnap789 says:

    i have to hand it to hannah. i know there are a lot of people saying that tyler c deserves to be the first choice, but it isn’t easy to get on a national stage and admit you made the wrong decision. not only that, hannah took a risk and put herself out there again for tyler. if he isn’t for it, then he isn’t for it — that isn’t america’s decision to make. i wish them both happiness.

  20. brownsugarglamour says:

    Lol I think it’s comical how Jed was the leading one to make Luke P. out to be this bad guy YET the whole time he was far worse #hypocrisy ????

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