Hannah Brown’s Cha Cha – Dancing with the Stars

Hannah Brown’s Cha Cha – Dancing with the Stars

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten dance the Cha Cha to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” by Whitney Houston on Dancing with the Stars Season 28 premiere!

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59 Responses

  1. Gabrielle W says:

    Wait… woah! This is super cool! Can’t wait to see the others!

  2. Megan Roderick says:

    I called it, Ik these two would be together

  3. Lalalabanya says:

    She’ll make the finals, calling it now!! ?? Love watching Alan’s choreo. ❤️

  4. Something Productions says:

    I love this partnership! Hannah and Alan are so fun and bubbly

  5. Aerion Gooden says:

    Am I sensing a mirrorball coming Alan’s this way this season??

  6. 서영 says:

    I like the new set and lighting, but the camera is too far from the dancers

  7. Bri Lewis says:

    I love Hannah B omg!! She’s hitting every move strong

  8. ForeverYoung1214 says:

    Love this partnership—two fun, down-to-earth people!! Hannah will kill it!

  9. IvyandCrown says:

    Hannah was actually really good but I swear if the producers have Alan in another showmance for a second season in a row, I’m done with this partnership.

    • Rachel says:

      Same! not that id be done with hannah and alan but id be pissed at the producers again. I dont care what happens behind the scenes but PLEASE producers dont push that cringyness and ask them uncomfortable questions on screen.

    • Tatum Villanueva says:

      He’s actually her type lol… it’s weird she likes a guy that doesn’t look like he’s showered but smells like they have showered and to me Alan has that look!

    • ALA Daum says:

      Everybody falls in love with Hannah Brown❤️???
      I mean she is beautiful, she is funny, and she’s a lot stronger after a busy year of major ups and downs?? regardless to jinxing Hannah after past performers? nope she’s a badass and she’ll dance her ass off too the very end?? because she’s got her eyes on a big BALL at the end, not 2 balls lol???
      Don’t forget too Vote for Hanna?? just a reminder??

    • Tram Dang says:

      Not to mention Alan does have a somewhat of a connection to bachelor nation. Through Joe

    • Rubester 1219 says:

      IvyandCrown Have a feeling they might. Hoping only if it continues after. These 2 would actually be a cute couple. But think its better to just Be dancers on the show. And if they did date wait tell show is done , and then start dating!

  10. roter13 says:

    I swear if they try to make a showmance out of this…

  11. Pleasant ALDC says:

    Her and Ally will definitely be finalists!

  12. Tina Garcia says:

    Production better not screw with Alan or this partnership the way they screwed him last season. That was a complete mess and totally uncalled for. This is a good partnership so I hope its all about the dancing.

  13. Irish Tea says:

    Will Hannah find love? Wait, what show is this?

  14. Kathleen Woodruff says:

    That was really really really good ?nice job hannah go get’um girl

  15. Thao Le says:

    I thought she gonna do bad and just another typical bachelor contestant who did not dance really good, but she proves me wrong.

  16. Crissy San says:

    Oh ok is this Alan’s time finally do I sense a mirror ball ooooh and for the love of Pete do not DO NOT DO A “showmance “ with these two …

  17. Lolka K says:

    She’s honestly not bad. She has rhythm and confidence. Easily making the semis with bach nation behind her. Winning might be a tough call since James seems to be the top dog, but she is definitely someone to look out for. I think her and Alan have a vibe, but this doesn’t feel like the showmance type like it was with Alexis. They genuinely seem like they’re having fun and naturally have a fun and flirty vibe.

  18. LaTavia Washington says:

    I praying they let her have fun with this and no one brings up Tyler Cameron to her ??‍♀️

    • Alexandra Rodriguez says:

      Kat Perse I don’t watch DWTS, just started this season, but if it’s always the same time of year, then it’s right after The Bachelorette ended so it makes sense ABC/The Bachelor doesn’t want the couple to dance. The Bachelor finishes earlier in the year and has longer time to establish their relationship, so that’s also probably why you see more of The Bachelors as contestants than The Bachelorettes

    • Kat Perse says:

      @Alexandra Rodriguez Interesting. Never thought that they care about relationships. And they probably don’t. It’s about image. Success rate is not that low tho…Especially for The Bachelorette.

    • Rubester 1219 says:

      LaTavia Washington Hoping now that paradise will be done tomorrow , and bachelor announcement comes ( even though we all know who it is). That the talk will be more about who is engaged , dating and how they think new bachelors season will go. And the Tyler questions die down.

    • Minh Phung says:

      i know

    • Mimi Pool says:

      Exactly hun

  19. Christina Siu says:

    I think Alan has a shot winning the mirrorball this season

  20. Meghan Castro says:

    She has had a very hard year, she deserves to have a drama-free time on the show! And not to mention she is a great dancer!

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