Hans Zimmer – Inception – Live at Coachella 2017 Sunday, April 16th

Hans Zimmer – Inception – Live at Coachella 2017 Sunday, April 16th

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20 Responses

  1. Launchpad Nation says:

    Uploaded Hans Zimmer but no Porter Robinson and Madeon??

  2. Wes Paluska says:

    Time might just be the greatest piece of art ever created.

  3. Matt Lydon says:

    This was great! Any chance that the whole performance will be uploaded?

  4. Juan Rodriguez says:

    the best part about Coachella 2017~

  5. Sam Lu says:

    watched it live, so worth it

  6. mbahdiddo says:

    Bet anyone who dislike this video is because they can’t attend to Coachella 2017 to see this live performance by Mr Hans Zimmer and team.
    This is a legendary performance!

  7. jason boyles says:

    After this Performance, and Hans expressing a desire to do more tours, I have no doubt he will be headlining major festivals in the coming years. That was unbelievable. Kind of a risk on Coachella’s part but it totally paid off.

  8. Adam Padilla says:

    ..Is that Guthrie Govan at 5:37???

  9. itsnotlila says:

    did he play time?? I have to see him play time i need videos

  10. Zephick says:

    is it really amazing. really bummed to hear he didn’t do any Interstellar though. the one movie i was hoping to hear :p but this is still incredible and i’m sure the rest was. would LOVE to see him on tour

  11. FMR393 says:

    Im just imagining the people there that are fucked up goin on a mind trip durin this lmao

  12. louman-eightyfour says:

    Imagine being on acid while this song plays… just the entire world collapsing around you and then proceeding to have a freak out..

  13. Abhishek Pathak says:

    Is this your idea of losing a tail?

  14. BeanutPrownie says:

    that drumming is TIGHT

  15. rudra maitri says:

    if you take molly in coachella you will be in the movie floating on a fucking hotel corridor

  16. Gonzalo Alvarez says:

    That was an amazing performance! Eminem was spot on in the guitar!

  17. joel scott. says:

    2:55 ~ that’s Nile Marr, Johnny Marr’s son. I went to see his band Man Made live and they’re great. Good to see him on a big stage.

  18. Peanut Turner says:

    Who the heck was follow-spotting this show?! Trying to find the guitar @2:16 was painful to watch 😀

  19. Matthewvhaynes says:

    Anyone else notice the “Spotlight guy” having trouble locating the guitar player in the beginning? lol

  20. Jar Jar Elon says:

    Hans Zimmer at Coachella?

    What next?

    Deadmau5 at the Opera?

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