Hansen Unplugged: Anthem protests not about disrespecting the flag

Hansen Unplugged: Anthem protests not about disrespecting the flag

“Our forefathers made freedom of speech the First Amendment. They listed 10, and not one of them says you have to stand during the national anthem.”

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20 Responses

  1. Razdas says:

    Why isn’t he president

  2. Ragesauce says:

    I’m a vet, 100% agree.

  3. Patrick Pryor says:

    Dale Hansen makes a great point addressing how we disrespect that flag everyday. I come across many Bikers who have American flag bandanas….or college girls wearing an American flag bikini. I myself have a pair of American flag swim shorts. The flag is a great symbol of our great nation, but we, regular people, treat it more like shit than some athlete kneeling.
    America was built on freedom, and rights for everyone, not submitting to the government and forced nationalism.

  4. KRoyal says:

    This is a reality check! And note Mr Trump he served despite his foot hurting…..instead of dodging the draft like you. Yet you want to appear to be more patriotic than John McCain and call him a loser because he was captured while serving. He became a winner from the time he signed up and deployed. You….Mr. Trump are a loser! And we will survive and succeed in spite of you!

  5. Tony Music says:

    Joseph Stalin should have known communism wouldn’t work…

    I mean seriously, there were red flags everywhere.

  6. Jay says:

    Local news isn’t supposed to be this fucking good.

  7. kravez revenge says:

    Youโ€™ve got my vote

  8. shardanette1 says:

    Nailed it! I especially loved the White Privilege slap. I wonder how the intended audience took it.

  9. The prophet of his most holiness Harambe says:

    Considering the forefathers and the inception of the national anthem were over 100 years apart…yes, I do have to agree they wouldn’t have written anything about a song written long after they died. Quick Google search when the national anthem was adopted. No reason to seem ignorant

  10. Fionwyn Wyldemane says:

    Ok. I love this man.

  11. MDK says:

    for vids like this Youtube needs to replace the thumbs-down with a second thumbs-up!

  12. Rattenkriegs says:

    As a white man it’s good to see that this gentleman not only said the obvious thing about the right to free speech (for God’s sake – the Supreme Court has upheld the right even to BURN the flag as an expression of free speech!) – but that he also went all the way in acknowledging white privilege and racial injustice in America.

    I applaud him for speaking the truth!

  13. dadohead says:

    Outstanding commentary, sir. I don’t hand out likes often, but this was heartfelt and true. You are my idea of a true patriot.

  14. Tall DudeXX says:

    Disrespecting the flag – What about Trump’s obvious disrespect for the office of the President of the United States??? Worst President of all time

  15. DJ R says:

    When the President of the United States tells you what toย do and how to do it, because he doesn’t like it, that is the most UNAMERICAN thing that could be done.PATRIOTS didn’t spill their blood so that the Leader of our Country, can demean and demoralize any citizen of this land.

  16. tony williams says:

    I love the commentary Dave Hansen gave and I feel that we all should figure out that the only way we can make this work is to come together.

  17. Joe White says:

    Yes Sir. Could not have said it better

  18. Chris says:

    I want to like this ten times… no make that a hundred times. This is one of the most well spoken statements on this protest.

  19. Ride to hell Fanboy says:

    I thought this was an different anthem
    my bad ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. MrClearlySpeak says:

    Dale Hansen… you are truly an american hero.

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