Harassed For Being Black: Sunny Shares Her Story | The View

Harassed For Being Black: Sunny Shares Her Story | The View

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107 Responses

  1. Mr. Moo says:

    Racists are kkkowards

  2. Mthwakazian Mthwakazian says:

    The same people shouting the n word and saying they are patriots, their grandparents came to America 70 years ago and most African Americans have been there for more than 200 years. Some people are so ignorant.

    • Elizabeth Anders says:

      Karleen Sinelli It’s not the same and being harassed and bullied because of the color of a person’s skin. It’s NOT the same at all.

    • Desaline Redux says:

      PrincessGalactica PrincessGalactica none of these devils can lay claim to originate anywhere, whether here or abroad they are perennial Johnny-come-latelys.

      Their place of origin is none other than the black man’s nut sack.

      Here have a look see the Devil says so himself:

      Europeans were by no means the pioneers of civilization. Half of man’s recorded history had passed before anyone in Europe could read or write. Shortly after 3000 B.C., while the pharaohs were building the first pyramids, Europeans were creating nothing more distinguished than huge garbage heaps. Ironically, like the pyramids, they still endure and are known to archeologist as “kitchen middens.”

    • Carole D says:

      Pioneer Academy hey kiddo salient means most noticible or important. Also read the article about immigrants, it was interesting. Pointless to the conversation but if I am to understand your sly reference correctly ‘blacks need to quit complaining because look how horrible America treated it’s immigrants’? (African slaves were not immigrants though) did you read the article?

    • Karina Williams says:

      Mthwakazian Mthwakazian if all of the above dialogue represents America… I’m simply speechless 😶

    • GoFuk Yorself says:

      Black people literally built the country!

  3. David C Witkin says:

    I don’t know why you didn’t shame the individual racists by name

    • Mr. Moo says:

      Yo Yo What did Sunni lie about?

    • Kris johns says:

      Mr. Moo well she clearly can’t prove it happened and it’s just a good anti white race sentiment again that the view can pump out – Sunny and Whoopi’s are known racists

    • eldie farrar says:

      LisaNYC70 I think everyone can tell your the real fuckin moron people like you think every little incident between whites and non whites is because it must be because of white supremacist racism

    • Bill BurrFan says:

      Because half of the stories are made up. Have you noticed that liberals ALL have stories about how they experienced racism by a boss or coworker or schoolmate yet they NEVER give names, dates, or other details that would allow us to verify the story????????????????????????????????????
      If liberals really wanted to stop racism, why would they not expose the racists?????????????
      Perhaps it is because that it will expose that they are, for the most part, liars………………………

    • Jojo Rey says:

      Which moron would yell the N word in a party of AAs?? Dubious. 100% it’s another AA. Fake, just like her bleaching.

  4. Dot the I says:

    But Meaghan doesn’t like identify politics… I can’t with her

    • Lar Bil says:

      Meghan just pointed out the fact that racism also happens among young people and not among old southerners and she makes the point that that is even more shocking. I don’t understand what you’re Problem is

    • Carole D says:

      Lonnette Beeks not one word of what that idiot has texted is true. These peanut peckers just copy and paste whatever unscientific unverified nonsense that suits their hateful agenda. Len is a soulless coward and anything he purports needs to be viewed with a skeptical eye.

    • havent says:

      Carter shes vile

    • Micki1218 says:

      Oh pls and you using the word “negros” tells me what we already know. LOL And you should be worried about being murdered by your own as well.

  5. Gina says:

    And here I was thinking racism was dying out with the older generation.

  6. Ky 718 says:

    This is America. Unfortunately Long Island is a highly racist place

  7. Blado says:

    They do look stiupid! You’re right Whoopi!

  8. RobbyTheSinger19 says:

    My Sunny!! Don’t cry!!

    • Jae Ehm says:

      You can’t let racists break you down. That is exactly what they want. The N word is meant to dehumanize Black people and make us feel less than. You have to be a strong Black woman and face these people with fortitude. In America if you scream racist comments its not illegal and considered free speech but if you scream sexist comments its illegal and considered sexual harassment. Why? Too many racists and racist apologists in power.

    • USA THE GREAT says:

      RobbyTheSinger19 lol

    • Jojo Rey says:

      It was dark and nobody saw those guys. It was a party of AAs. So who else could be saying it in all their conversational sentences?

  9. Stop believing them White lies sheep says:

    It’s doesn’t happen to white people so they’ll never feel that pain or understand.


      I’m Jewish and whenever I hear anti-Semitic comments it is from black people.

    • Convoluted Clarity says:

      Yup white people obviously never experience racism, its not like any other race is capable of racism. Only white people can be racist.

      I hope you get dysentery.

    • johnny llooddte says:

      nawww whiteis are never called names ever ahahaha not even by niggers

  10. seriously154 says:

    African Americans fought in the Revolutionary War. They fought for freedom in every war the United States has been involved in. The N word is something ignorant people use.

    • animus obumbratae maeroris instaurari says:

      OpinionatedEbony Chick where is you argument made valid in that? The vague and uninformed assumtion backed with no proof at all besides what you claim to be true. You twist definitions, selectively pick incidents, and label everyone onder one stereotype.

    • shadelings says:

      OpinionatedEbony Chick Well said. It’s a shame that the idiots of the world like animus obumbrate idiotus is too stupid to realize just how dumb they actually are.

    • animus obumbratae maeroris instaurari says:

      shadelings stupid enough to cite evidence? And use logic instead of opinion?

    • OpinionatedEbony Chick says:

      animus obumbratae maeroris instaurari yes you are. Racism was so brilliantly created in that white people benefit from it. People like you are the reason why racism is going nowhere, it will be here til God returns. You’re so close minded that you’re so incapable of trying to understand another person’s plight, you dismiss it or justify it. This is going nowhere, have fun living in your bubble and enjoy the rest of the day.

  11. Patrick O'Donnell says:

    Megatron was more pissed at Sarah sanders getting kicked out the restaurant

  12. zzyzxy1 says:

    Well that’s America and dear leader is encouraging people to be racist
    Since he is a racist

    • Bryzz Lull says:

      Hamish Gaffaney Why do people always leave out the last part of that statement which was “I assume most of them are good people.”

    • Fonzi79 says:

      HE is NO racist.. State examples .. I love to hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mira the Optimist says:

      Fonzi79 Is this a serious question? If so, where have you been??? Let’s see, where should I start: Mexicans are rapists and murderers, Africa is a sh%thole country, the Muslim ban, building a wall specifically to keep Mexicans out, shall I go on? 🙄😡 While you are looking it up, look up the definition of “Gaslighting” and “Narcissistic Personality disorder” as well. Because if you are a Trump supporter, you have been gaslighted. Because someone who was born with a silver spoon will NEVER relate to someone in he middle class or people who work with their hands. He is a snake oil salesman and 49% of your country has been duped.

    • Harold Mcboingboing says:

      I only want the people in america that came from europe and ratified it. No immagrants or natives

  13. Fay Kitnightly says:

    Some people just refuse to believe racism exists even if it’s right in front of their eyes. The people on the video were clearly admitting what happened; why would they say “oh, that was those people over there, the 30 people who just came by” if nothing happened? Sunny filed a police report and they found the people who did it, how would that be possible if nothing happened? Sadly, there will always be trolls around, but there’s also many of us who accept the truth. I support POC all the way.

    • First Last says:

      Fay Kitnightly
      Scrolled through many comments and haven’t seen those ones.

    • Fay Kitnightly says:

      First Last There’s over 700 comments, so even with a lot of scrolling we probably only see a small section of that. When I first pulled up the video, posts saying Sunny is a liar and the video is “fake” were some of the very first ones I saw.

    • First Last says:

      Fay Kitnightly
      Those are obviously the early trolls who will say anything to get people pissed.

    • Fay Kitnightly says:

      First Last The vid had already been up for an hour and had hundreds of comments when I pulled it up. There’s plenty of trolls, yeah, but the disappointing part is the number of people who passionately believe that racism is “a thing of the past” and that POC are just lying/exaggerating about their daily life.

    • trha2222 says:

      Racism exists but let’s be clear. The MOST racist people are liberals.

  14. Ezequiel H says:

    I am so sorry 🙁 Sunny stay strong!

  15. REAL TALK W. EMA STAR says:

    this is beyond unfortunate and messed up .. it’s 2018 and we still have these problems. when is this going to change? i cant wait for the day when we have world peace – even though i know i won’t be here for it.. i’ll be creeping up as a ghost and watching all the love hahahah

    • Marquee Mark says:

      Liberal elites use people of color and stupid White people as monkeys and clowns for votes

    • Harold Mcboingboing says:

      Carole D everything i have said is true. Men are smarter than woman the study that so many people use to debunk that is from 11 year old children, where females have a once in their lifetime mental advantage. The female brain stops developing and changing at 15 while the males is proven to stop at 22 tests done at this age always show males ontop in every category. If what im saying doesnt mame sense to you its your 10% smaller inferior illogical thought process. Were done here

    • Alfred Pasly says:

      Len Peterson Aahh yes, the good ol’ “Chicago” deflection racists use to avoid the subject.

    • Harold Mcboingboing says:

      Alfred Pasly examples are everywhere even in my smallish city the poorest most dangerous are is prodominantly black

    • johnny llooddte says:

      when niggers quit calling each other niggers..and then stop whining about others calling them niggers.. then niggers might grow up

  16. Valentina Worldwide says:

    white people you have to start calling Out other white people

  17. Adelaide McMillan says:

    Sunny, the entire country is supposed to be a safe haven. I am sorry this happened to you and I can’t stand that our country is this vicious.

    • Pierre Black says:

      Harold Mcboingboing I’m reporting all your violent comments

    • TRAITOR TRUMP says:

      SAFE HAVEN for you . their are places where white Americans are in a time warp of the 1950s . Rocky mountain town , Midwest towns cities , New England Florida . There are few safe heavens in the USA

    • Elizabeth Anders says:

      Pierre Black Please report him. This has gone too far.

    • TRAITOR TRUMP says:

      These trolls walk a fine line to avoid being blocked . they have to say i will kill you to be blocked . you can get in the gutter with them . or say nothing . me i get in the gutter and get even more ugly . most back down . the real insane bastards will keep on for ever . than you need to erase your original comment to kill the whole post

  18. princewill osazuwa says:

    America didn’t address racism they just swept it under the rug that is why it’s still prevalent

  19. GTURNERX40 says:

    Tired of the tears…STOP CRYING!!! We have been through so much more than name calling. I prefer my white supremist bigots out in the open so I know who I’m dealing with. Her lawyer friend who’s week was ruined had better buck up. Your education and status does not make you exempt as a matter of fact they hate you more because your success challenges thier notion of supremacy.

    • Insane Conqueror says:

      GTURNERX40 agreed. This ish happens all the time. I’ve had way worse incidents but you can’t let it consume you.

    • Stop believing them White lies sheep says:

      GTURNERX40 yeah, I like mine well done so I can know who I’m dealing with also. But these seeds of Satan can only suppress it for so long then it’ll eventually comes out because it’s in the hearts and souls.

  20. Big Sam Ferguson says:

    It would have been nice is Meghan stepped up and denounced any type of racist behavior. But hey, she can’t take shots at the base of the republican party because they need those votes from bigots.

    • Stu228 says:

      Where were you? All the co host except Sunny were against what happened to Sarah Sanders.

    • Juan H says:

      That’s odd because many of the bigots I have run into the past 40 years have been liberals

    • Michael 0788 says:

      Big Sam Ferguson you do realize that’s the same concept as Hillary being held accountable for her husband cheating? Which is just wrong. These punks are responsible for their actions, it has nothing to do with Megan. I’ve met just as many liberals who are ignorant as conservatives.

    • Elizabeth Anders says:

      Anthony Sadorski It’s not the same.

    • jonny davis says:

      Big Sam Ferguson u have no idea what political party there in #libtard

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