Harbaugh: 2 Michigan players ‘assaulted’ by Michigan State players in post-game tunnel incident

Harbaugh: 2 Michigan players ‘assaulted’ by Michigan State players in post-game tunnel incident

A group of Michigan State players appeared to attack at least one Michigan player in the Michigan Stadium tunnel on Saturday night after Michigan beat Michigan State at the Big House.

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  1. Micah L says:

    Finally they start doing something about this. At some point it’s not football anymore and you have to follow the law like everyone else. Pads don’t give you clearance

  2. Daniel 36 says:

    Showed more fight in the hallway then they did on the field. 29-7. Definitely going to have scholarships revoked and maybe even kicked out of the university

    • James Schenck says:

      @Tarik Eddins that’s exactly why these grown men with full ride scholarships should have their futures ripped from their hands. They don’t need parents or coaches everywhere holding their hands making sure they don’t gang assault the apposing teams players

    • J Car says:

      @Curt E because it is accurate. Every team I have played on, hockey, football, basketball, soccer and even in the army tend to emulate leadership, there are always a few that follow the beat of their own drum, put for the most part they mirror the coaches, team captains, platoon sergeants etc. Attitude starts from the top down

    • Curt E says:

      Yeah like I’ve heard that comment 50 times already

    • J Car says:

      @Joe B. the coaches set the tone, if he allows stupidity, lack of responsibility and poor behaviour it is his fault. He is being paid millions to run HIS show, if he doesn’t care his players don’t care.

    • MAS says:

      Diversity Rocks!

  3. Chynah Mccune says:

    This is senseless…. Scholarships gonna be lost and possible criminal charges over nothing 🤨

    • Brenda Niebel says:

      Wtf, it’s assault. How is that,nothing????????

    • ptschafer says:

      @James Amick you’re dumb. That’s like saying “yeah he shot a gun at him, but he missed, so it’s not that bad.” It’s illegal. Assault is assault. If I went to a game and I punched you in the face, or swung a helmet at your dome, you know darn well I’d be leaving in handcuffs. The rules should be the same for athletes, no special privileges that make them above the law.

    • Joe O says:

      @James Amickmichigan state has no class and neither do you.

    • Jean m says:

      BLM mentality

    • TheSoundOutside says:

      Scholarships lost? I’m laughing so hard I almost hacked up a lung.

  4. Nathaniel Cassell says:

    Felt like a ref reviewing a foul play need to get everyone involved cause it wasn’t just #18 you also have #15, #19 a few others players where in the beginning crowd.

    • Im here for it all says:

      They were like rabid dogs feeding on that kid like vultures feeding on a carcus in the Sahara Desert. Tough kid though. He ate all of those punches. Probably sore asf now though.

  5. Cross Fire says:

    Those words “stop hate” on the helmet didn’t do their job. Dang it

  6. Munchkin Pizza says:

    I understand guys getting hot before a rivalry game but after the game you don’t wanna see that stuff. And the tunnel aspect of it you don’t wanna see ever. That’s ridiculous.

  7. JesusLovesYou! says:

    Michigan state players should be expelled immediately. That doesn’t belong in college football.

  8. Dennis Kearns says:

    Should not be hard to pick out the ones that assaulted the player, they have numbers, #18 etc.,…

  9. Mr. Beavis says:

    I’m not surprised at all something like this happened. This is what happens when you recruit players that have no business being on a college campus in the first place. These street thugs were raised like this, and their violent culture where they come from encourages it. You just can’t pass these people in grade school and high school and award an athletic scholarship to them when they didn’t take any college preparatory classes in high school and expect them to automatically act like a normal student at a major university. It’s just impossible and It’s not in their DNA….PERIOD!!!!!

  10. Crypto E says:

    18 is gone. 100%. If he’s not off the team and charged MSU is a joke.

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