Harbor Official Gameplay Reveal // VALORANT

Harbor Official Gameplay Reveal // VALORANT

Here’s Harbor in action.

Hailing from the coast of India, this new Controller Agent commands a mix of tide and torrent to shield allies and pummel opponents.

Lock him in with the launch of EPISODE 5: ACT III.

Video created in collaboration with AT03:

Music Track:
“RAJA” by VALORANT, ARB4, Tienas, Mangal Suvarnan

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25 Responses

  1. Vainsz says:

    Can’t wait to finally have controller instalocks in competitive

  2. Played Lol says:

    I always wanted a character like this. Can play aggressively and have defensive skills.

  3. J A says:

    He actually looks so interesting. Will spice up the control meta in tourneys for sure

  4. hyjaker says:

    I love the part where he says “Fixing the world, one scoundrel at a time”

  5. Yakone says:

    I’ve been praying for a water agent forever. I’m getting Val back just for him.

  6. Deyynski ARTZ says:

    His abilities are INSANE.. Having a bubble that protects as IMPENETRABLE SHIELDS, tsunamis and ult that stuns opponents is sick..

    • Joseph He says:

      ​@Abhinav Mishra right, but its a fourty second delay, meaning we can easily assume its a 15 second wall, so vipers wall is easily better, especially considering the fact that it doesn’t even need the ability to curve.

    • Flyte says:

      @Abhinav Mishra you definitely didn’t understand what I said. The bubble is good against awps because it blocks bullet count and not damage done meaning it forces an awp player to switch to long range pistol or push the bubble on defuse.

    • prAšniKAr says:

      @Tingle bruh smoke is only thing that blocks bullets

    • Abhinav Mishra says:

      @Flyte it can block 13 vandal bullets so op and Marshall are waste

  7. Chillin says:

    I feel like harbor is going to bring back the phantom meta. This guy makes close quarters where they arent.

  8. DarthAlphaeus says:

    When he says, ‘it’s harboring time’ i cried such a moving line

  9. Seedhe Maut says:

    HARBOR reveal on a TIENAS song😳🔥🔥🔥

  10. Home Home says:

    i loved the part where he said it’s haborin’ time and harbored everywhere. Truly one of the video game moments of all time.

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