Harden Calls Game In Oakland | NBA on TNT

Harden Calls Game In Oakland | NBA on TNT

James Harden hits a crazy game-winner to lift the Rockets over the Warriors in crazy fashion! Has he become the front-runner for MVP?

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80 Responses

  1. Tyy says:

    That no call on durant had to be the wrost no call in nba history

  2. Gabriel Diaz says:

    Cannot believe harden with that Ice cold three! Like if you agree ( if you want)

  3. Ian says:

    referees doing the birdbox challenge

  4. Gabriel Diaz says:

    Yeh Durant was out of bounds but it meant nothing because of hardens Ice cold three!

  5. King Dang says:

    Clint capela had the quietest 29 21 in NBA history ?

  6. Charles Stevenson says:

    Harden had to beat the Warriors AND The Refs

  7. Nemanja Mocevic says:

    ? at half time uz were all laughing at the rockets and saying that the Warriors were “unbeatable” ?

  8. Lok Wong says:

    Ive been laughing for 5 min straight about that Durant out of bounds no call. How do you miss that??

  9. Ricky Burke says:

    Can’t wait to see Kenny coach a team and double people 40 feet from the basket.

  10. Allen Jackson says:

    Harden was fouled on the 3 aswell ??‍♂️??‍♂️

    • Youtube Kalib says:

      Phil Gaerlan I’m trying not to hate on his style of game cuz it’s annoying to guard someone like that imagine if ur playing defense in the paint with ur hands up and he drives in and jumps on u and they call foul he’s that type of player

    • Phil Gaerlan says:

      +Youtube Kalib yeah he’s physical for sure. It’s just that not a lot of guards can finish through the amount of contact his playstyle subjects himself to. He’s always had that ability to draw fouls, even when he was that OKC 6th man.

    • Harden4MVP says:

      +Allen Jackson everyone hates zaza for not letting kawhi land (and rightfully so) but when that play happens to Harden every game, people either blame Harden or look the other way

    • King Tae says:

      Allen Jackson lets talk about

  11. slamandjam2 says:

    I’m a Warriors fan and wasn’t even mad that Harden made that. Ridiculous no call

  12. hbrt335 says:

    I think Austin Rivers deserves some love, he’s fit well with Houston.

    • feezy243 says:

      He has daddy issues that’s why he didn’t fit with the Clippers ?

    • George Foley says:

      It was a interview with Austin. Austin said the time he been off with out knowing if anyone was going to pick him up made him appreciate the game and not take it for granted. He is making that clear in Houston.

    • Marley Mane Black says:

      hbrt335 big facts he is a key role player to me cause when CP3 sits they are goin to need his fire power…. honorable mention to me is Gerald “Green Light” Green points sparked something for them

    • T biscuit says:

      fr.. I swear for the last 3-4 years everyone’s been calling him a bum that shouldn’t even be in the league. There’s players far worse than him still playing and he definitely deserves a spot on a roster and playing time, o and less hate.

  13. Tough_Cookiez says:

    Austin Rivers > Carmelo Anthony

  14. Jerry Cheng says:

    Mr. Kerr is not happy with no foul call on James. Lol
    How about the last shot by James and no foul call on Green

    • Harden4MVP says:

      or when the ball was off draymond, they reviewed it, didnt change it. Or the “charge” against PJ. Or when rivers got hit in the head and the refs let the warriors inbound it.

    • Jia Guo says:

      Jerry Cheng how about Durant saving that ball from the parking lot ? I can’t believe he was even thinking about criticizing the ref

  15. Warrick James says:

    Rockets upcoming schedule Blazers tomorrow, Nuggets on monday, Bucks on wednesday…All tough teams

  16. RobotHuman says:

    Charles said he doesn’t think anyone can play like that in a 7 game series and Kenny quietly says, “Hakeem did it. Jordan did it.”

    • MrElpajita says:

      Yeah he can, that’s why Hardens average is 40ppg

    • jdelgado216 says:

      +MrElpajita that is not sustainable, being the only real threat on offense his shooting percentage is abysmal (13-32 last night), in a 7 games series that won´t work just like last year

    • carstuff says:

      Bron does it, because he can supplement scoring with playmaking

    • prazertv says:

      +carstuff I thought you were going to say that he takes steroid supplements. ???

    • Moreno12 says:

      carstuff nah, it doesn’t work like that.. lebron would have to play an entire series like he did game one of last years finals.. he would need to be on both sides of the court for 7 full games… no way

  17. MYM says:

    They should suspend these refs for 10 games.

  18. Colton W says:

    Harden keeps getting better and better with each year. Even after being totally robbed on several plays didnt even matter he lifted them up again and again.

  19. marco maghaddam says:

    I cannot fathom that this guy Harden, Durant and Westbrook were on One team. Potentially could have been the greatest dynasty ever….

  20. Jackson Liang says:

    Kerr is unhappy with the call on Harden, then how about the KD’s outbound and Harden game winning three being fouled. Referee turns to birdbox???

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