This is a long one….but it all needed to be said. I love you guys.

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  1. Imma Smiler says:

    Lesson learned to the people that keep commenting “have babies already”. BE MORE SENSITIVE AND THOUGHTFUL. We don’t have any idea what people are going through.

  2. SaskiasBeautyBlog says:

    I know how u feel desi.. believe me one day it will happen.. NEVER GIVE UP we tried to get pregnant 4 years.. i was about to give up too.. and now we have a beautiful boy!

    • Mirella Yeya says:

      SaskiasBeautyBlog thank you for posting this! I’m in that same spot now. Hugs

    • Ismo says:

      SaskiasBeautyBlog ich wollte dich doch glatt unter dem Video markieren…. und dann habe ich deinen Kommentar gesehen.

    • PrincessAlexaLaboy says:

      I’ve been trying for 11 yrs now and still haven’t got pregnant 🤰 😔 focusing in myself and my family right now!

    • lisaohne marie says:

      SaskiasBeautyBlog I directly thought of you when I watched it. She is so right with telling the question shouldn’t be asked that often on social media an such a rude way. You are so strong women, I hope your wishes come true soon ❤️

    • Kevin Mendez says:

      How many dads does the kid have?

  3. Renee Charlot says:

    Wow this was the most beautiful and vulnerable thing ! My heart just breaks for the pair of you ! Sending love and positive thoughts and prayers that all your desires and aspirations come to fruition !

  4. ABBADABBS says:

    👊 every time you paused and pushed through and shared your emotions with all of us you got stronger. You are strong, you are beautiful, you are willing and you are able. 👊

  5. Ms Rana says:

    Miscarriage it’s so common. I had a miscarriage between my tow kids, mom had it too my sister had it too, my whole family that I know most of them had a one time miscarriage. But there is women that have trouble getting pregnant then they miscarriage, this is what really heart broken satiation.

  6. Solange Santos says:

    This is WHY you NEVER ask people about having children. It doesn’t matter how good your intentions are, you may be hurting that person. You don’t know what they’re going through. You don’t know what you’re triggering.
    Thanks for this video, Desi. I truly hope your dream comes true. I also hope you can find the strength to fight all the fights, if need be.
    This took a lot of courage. You’re braver and stronger than you think.

    • Gaby G says:

      bran thank you but I really dont hurt anymore… I’m happy and not having kids it’s something that defines… Not being a birth mother is not something that should cripple emotionally to anyone… But it takes time to understand it

    • alwaysasmilingface says:

      Precisely Solange!!!!!

    • k-love says:

      Solange Santos Solange Santos Exactly. Cannot be said enough. My sister has had 3 miscarriages & I mourned with her each time. I have such a different perspective on asking married couples about children. Needed to be addressed, thank you Desi. ❤️

    • PositivelyPink27 says:

      100% agree.

    • chesser27 says:

      Solange Santos it is such an inappropriate question and I cant stand how people think it is socially acceptable to mention or ask someone. It’s so so rude, because you dont know what is happening, and how it may be hurting the person.

  7. ツDaniella says:

    My prayers are forever with you and Stephen! You guys deserve to have kids because you guys are such kind hearted and blessed individuals who deserve what they strive for. Desi you are so blessed so please don’t lose hope! I mean look at Khloe Kardashian, she didn’t have a miscarriage but she struggled to get pregnant and then miraculously was blessed to have a baby, never lose hope and always strive for what you want! I just love how you didn’t skip anything in the video like when you cried, you cried you didn’t skip it to go back to talking, you showed us your inner feelings and we love you for that Desi! We’re here for you ❤️❤️😘

  8. A Scented Soul says:

    It is sooooo rude from both family, friends and strangers to ask people when they’re going to have children. It’s common because everyone does it and it’s all that we know… but it’s something that needs to change. The social pressures of starting a female. The infertility issues that women suffer from… it’s really hard and we shouldn’t be judged based on our physical ability to bare children or our choices to not have any. Health class was a big lie. You have unprotected sex and you’ll have a baby. Low and behold it’s just not that simple for many couples. I wish you and your husband the very best

  9. Amanda Cypert says:

    I made the mistake of watching this while putting on my makeup for the day. I’m so sorry for your struggles. One of my biggest fears is not being able to get pregnant when I’m ready and I can’t even begin to imagine how heartbreaking it is. You are going to give so many women hope by sharing your story.

    • Vanessa Lopez says:

      Amanda Cypert omg same !!

    • G R says:

      It’s not the end ya know. You can still live your life. Or even adopt for that matter. Plenty of homeless children that would love a family. Don’t let having a kid be the only thing in your existence and define who you are.

  10. 594Big Momma says:

    Praying your womb opens for many blessed and healthy babies for you and your husband. May you continue to be blessed, healed, and fruitful. ~In the name of Yeshua, Lord Jesus Christ, A-men!!!!

  11. IAmSunnyDee says:

    I’m so sorry Desi and Steven. I know miscarriages are so common and no one really talks about it. Thank you for sharing your struggle and continuing to talk about it you never know who you help with your story. You’re amazing! Sending so much love you guys’ way.

  12. sccastaneda says:

    I’m in tears i wish i could hug you!! God is preparing you for your baby! You have this amazing career, beautiful home, supportive family…that baby is on their way!! Believe in his timing! You are deserving you are worthy you are favored you are loved! *hugs*

    • The Things I See says:

      sccastaneda I felt the same exact way. I know God has something great prepared for you and Steven Desi! His time is not our time. Stay strong love.

  13. Anthony Dunn says:

    Sad on your health story, but stress can keep you from having birth. Just enjoy your life with Steven. It will happen 👼young lady so don’t give up.
    Pr🙏ying for you guys💏…

  14. plantbased sim says:

    Your best friend seems like a GREAT friend, so sweet how she cared for you. Wish you all the best!

  15. Ivana Blažoti Mijoč says:

    Being pregnant right now and following you on social media for years now, this video made me cry all afternoon. Never taking things for granted ever in my life again. If someone deserves to have the biggest family ever, its you and Steven. And Im sure things will sort themselves out. Sending love your way ❤

  16. plantbased sim says:

    Ps i cant have children due to cancer and chemo in the past. There is grief and a feeling of failure. But the fact is, you are not a failure and you will get past it if things don’t work out like your dream. You will create another dream!

  17. Emily Orona says:

    This video takes so much courage which is one of the things I admire most about you. My mom had 2 miscarriages one before me (I’m the oldest) that they had to remove her ovary leaving her with only one to build a family. But she tried again a year or two later and got lucky with me but her second was 10 years after I was born and she had been tryin for so long and again a year or two later my youngest sister was born (we’re 3 girls). I say all of this so you could be hopeful in Gods timing. His timing is so so perfect and as you said there’s a reason and purpose for everything! This showed another side of Steven in your marriage and possibly brought you guys closer. Not being able to have kids myself if my biggest fear bc my doctors have always told me I’ll struggle to have kids and now that I’m getting closer and closer to getting married I’m getting more terrified this made me feel so comforted that I’m not alone especially that it seems we’re living in another baby boom. I’m sure this is very long just know you have an army praying for you two and your future family love you the most! Much love from Miami 🐔💛

  18. elanna pecherle says:

    You are seriously so amazing and strong to open up about this. It takes courage to talk about this and I am just amazed by your vulnerability! I know you’ve already helped sooooo many couples with this video. You’re a star!! XO

  19. Christen Dominique says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ You’re strong, beautiful and you’ll be in my prayers! It will happen🙏🏻

    • trypophobia loving republican savior says:

      Christen Dominique you dont actually pray, no one actually does. Its a nice phrase, but the meaning has been so diluted

  20. Skitz says:

    ive never seen someone that isn’t jlo look so much like jlo

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