Harley Morenstein Has His Worst Day of 2016 Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Harley Morenstein Has His Worst Day of 2016 Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Epic Meal Time honcho Harley Morenstein is a YouTube O.G. and decorated veteran of the “do dumb shit for the Internet” game. But how is he with spicy wings? Hot Ones host Sean Evans found out as he grilled the NSFW fast-food guru about everything from cooking with Arnold Schwarzenegger, to wild nights in Montreal.

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20 Responses

  1. Harley Morenstein says:

    notification squad what up!

  2. APxKP says:

    epic meal time died when muscles glasses left.

  3. regulator2 serino says:

    Harley is an unfuckable ogre. ok, i know. 13:19

  4. wima13 says:

    Who the fuck is Blair?

  5. Jordan wheeler says:

    Harely sorta nailed it on partying in montreal?

  6. Anthony Sengsouvanh says:

    Get Mac Demarco on here

  7. TaiTai says:

    Sean is probably the best host on YouTube. He’s gets along so well with
    others. Just as enjoyable as the guests.

  8. CRASHAKATAZ says:

    i worked at a kfc/taco bell home in maryland. always hooked up people who
    came though, we also made chicken tacos with chicken from the kfc side

  9. Mike Rohren says:

    “Dj Khaled was the only guy I wanted beat because he da best” LMAO

  10. LogicalWaste says:

    Alton Brown Please!

  11. CoolKwaz says:

    The most satisfying thing about this video was watching Harley properly
    devour a wing. Not like other guest who take one bite

  12. Brian Sanchez says:

    You should get Matt stonie in here… He’s loves to eat!

  13. SurfingOnBrainwaves says:

    One of these days I’m hoping you can get Bernie Sanders to feel the burn

  14. Freddy Krueger says:

    is it just me or was the lighting kinda weird this episode?

  15. jesse k says:

    Get Joey Diaz on!!!!!

  16. Carlos Martinez says:

    You should get charlamagne or andrew schulz

  17. Bernardo Arroyo says:

    That part when he mention DJ Khaled had me dying ! ahahahah!

  18. TheWeazell says:


  19. setokaiba200x says:

    i was waiting when these two would meet. :)

  20. Frying Dutchman says:

    My wife bought a bottle of Mad Dog 357 because of this show and immediately
    put about 2 tablespoons in her food. She loved it, but was in the fetal
    position later