Harper gets hit in the face and Girardi gets ejected, a breakdown

Harper gets hit in the face and Girardi gets ejected, a breakdown

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40 Responses

  1. Bro Decent says:

    The guy in the back just needed some popcorn and he was set for life

  2. Ethan Chlebowski says:

    2:45 is absolute vintage Jomboy. I had a straight up goofy laugh moment.

  3. The White Recluse says:

    He didn’t mean it but after 2 in a row like that, it’s just not your night and you gotta go

  4. Tee Jay says:

    This one had it all. Bryce Harper being the studliest of studmen, Cabrera having the meltiest of meltdowns, a consoling coach, a sociopath in the stands, dueling managers….good one.

  5. grtoocool says:

    Joe was so considerate. Pulling down his mask so Jomboy can read his lips perfectly.

  6. Noel Lopez says:

    Shout out to the fan on the far left who missed both hits because he was on his phone.

  7. Justin Lee says:

    Given how girardi gets thrown out all the time, no surprise that he gave a wonderful demonstration on how to throw someone out

  8. assmane999 says:

    “This guys smirking because, I don’t know, he’s a sicko” hahaha

  9. Peter Tea says:

    You know that kid was thinking, “Ok, don’t hit him in the face, the face, the face…”

  10. GhostBeer says:

    Shout out to Bryce for walking it off like a champ. He said he’s okay later on.

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