Harry Potter Theory: The Truth About Felix Felicis

Harry Potter Theory: The Truth About Felix Felicis

Today J dives into the wizarding world of Harry Potter to try and explain the truth about the mysterious potion Felix Felicis, commonly known as Liquid Luck.

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20 Responses

  1. Chris Tadros says:

    If only I had liquid luck to help with finals and AP tests!!

  2. I'm Luke Skywalker I'm Here To Rescue You says:

    You Guys are my favorite YouTubers ever! you guys inspire me so much. Ive been here since the beginning and I’m so glad your channel is growing! If you guys replied or pinned it would be the greastest day of my life.

  3. Jackstratts Afcb says:

    Second, first, fourty fifth no one gives a shit grow up

  4. Eliza Bell says:

    Dangerous recklessness and extreme overconfidence? Sounds like Gilderoy Lockhart was taking to much his whole life.

  5. Nova 2004 says:

    I have a joke for you.

    What is Harry Potter’s favorite way to go down a hill.

    Jk rowling.

  6. Gemma Fire says:

    Also, didn’t Hermione and Ginny take some Felix felicis before the battle at the end of the book? True, they commented on how they wouldn’t have survived without it (going off memory here), but that could just have well been the Placebo effect as well? If they were truly lucky, couldn’t Dumbledore’s death been avoided?

  7. WarmageRagnar says:

    I’m not convinced, because in the books it’s stated that while under the effect of Felix Felicis, Harry seemed to just KNOW small things to do that would lead to the ideal outcome. I’m betting less on a Placebo effect (which was what happened to Ron) and more of an artificial boost to a wizard or witch’s Divination ability. We know it’s a really inexact magical discipline, and it seems to just work for magic folk who have a natural affinity for it, and even then it doesn’t work exactly when they want it to. Hence Prof. Trelawney.
    What I think Felix Felicis does is amplifying a wizard’s sensitivity to possibilities of the future. You know what small actions will have what changes in the future, even if you can’t fully process or see it all clearly. In addition to that, maybe the potion gives you an autonomous mental guide, which sifts through this myriad of future possibilities and finds the shortest path to your goal, giving you “hunches” of what to do to make sure that future comes to pass. How else would Harry know that somehow visiting Hagrid would lead him to getting the info he wanted out of Slughorn?
    Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s an all-powerful potion, because for one, you can’t see all these future possibilities clearly, you’re just told in your subconscious that doing this seemingly unrelated thing will help. Secondly, the potion would never be able to let you do something objectively impossible. It might end up either not working for you at all if your goal is completely out of your reach, or just veer you into a route that leads you to realize the futility of your endeavor in a less painful manner.
    And then comes the fact that if you ingest it too much, you’ll have some wonky and permanent side-effects, which one would expect from having their “future sensitivity” fully open so often. It would mess up with your mind horribly, so definitely choose the times to use it carefully.
    Just my theory, though. Whatcha think?

  8. Bashir Muttawa says:

    i think felix felicis may be a metaphor for alcohol, a little bit gives you confidence, too much makes you reckless, also in the movie harry was acting drunk, what do you guys think?

  9. James Vargo says:

    Ok, that’s it. I’ve had it. This is the camel-back-breaking straw. Even if the original creators (like Rowling in this case) flat out deny your theories, you guys constantly make fascinating connections in these stories and explanations that are much more interesting than even the creator’s sometimes.
    Seriously, writers everywhere need to hire you guys to theory-check their works before release, so that they can just blow everyone’s minds with genius plot-hole-filled stories.

  10. Juho Kumpulainen says:

    “It makes you feel more positive, lowers your inhibitions and just gives you more confidence.”
    – Felix Felicis is alcohol.

  11. Fiona Sabo says:

    If Snape really did love Lily, then he would care about her SON. I understand that he simply despised James, but he was a jerk to Harry during his time as Hogwarts.

  12. Daniel Stanley says:

    I thought luck was literally an ingredient. Like how the laughing potion needs you to laugh at it during brewing. This explains why the brewing process takes so long and is so precise, you genuinely have to get lucky to make it. Snape is notoriously unlucky so would never be lucky enough to make it. This also fits with Snape’s monologue from the Philosopher’s Stone: ‘I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death’. It’s possible that this isn’t just flowery language but literally a description of high end potions using concepts as ingredients.

  13. Chiko was here says:

    It doesn’t really work like actual luck. And it isn’t that simple, despite what the movie may lead you to believe. It’s more like a drug. And it’s toxic if you use it too much.

    But I do think that Aberforth slipped the trio some before they went back into Hogwarts

  14. Storri Gadau says:

    If you think about it, you make a potion in a cauldron like they do in Potions class, but that doesn’t mean it only makes one small glass bottle? I’m sure you could fill up 10, 20, maybe even more so Slughorn having the potion on the first day of class, doesn’t mean it’s fake. It just means that he probably had an abundance of small glass bottles filled with the potion which would last you awhile. I swear it’s not magic, it’s just common sense lol

  15. KoukiBlaze says:

    Liquid Luck aka Felix Felicis honestly sounds like an Amber Lager. The fermentation time is usually around 6 months for full fermentation. Also they have similar side effects as both cause reckless choices and over confidence with over usage(similar to a drunk state) similarly the placebo effect also works as many people who drank carbonated water with slight food coloring that was put into a wine bottle thought they were drinking wine and would say they felt the “effects”

    We might also see snape not drink this because he knows it’s alcohol. This also fits the snape not using it because we don’t see Snape drink any form of alcohol for pleasure or willingly with joy.

    The ingredients also match up with horse radish being used in many ales and lagers.

    Many Amber Lagers also look like some of the liquid luck we see in the movies.

    So there you have it, my theory is that liquid luck is actually an Amber Lager.

    I hope you guys take time to think if this is a good theory and if you guys liked it please let me know!

  16. Mi S says:

    So, it’s not so much liquid luck as it is liquid confidence. So it’s alcohol.

  17. Carter Brown says:

    When reading Harry Potter I have learned to just not ask any questions.

  18. Haley Ann says:

    Where are my fellow Hufflepuffs? ☺️

  19. Lexy Luna says:

    Harry: “Not to mention the pincers.” *click click click*

  20. Jan Janssen says:

    Just use Felix Felicis to brew Felix Felicis.

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