Harry Styles – Boyfriends / THE FIRST TAKE

Harry Styles – Boyfriends / THE FIRST TAKE

THE FIRST TAKE is a YouTube Channel dedicated to shooting musicians and singers performing in a single take.

Episode 225 welcomes Grammy Award-winning global pop icon Harry Styles, performing his song “Boyfriends” from his chart-topping 3rd album “Harry’s House”.
Harry and his band perform an original rendition of this song in one take- a delicate, intimate performance filled with beautiful harmonies

Chorus: Sarah Jones
Chorus: Elin Sandberg
Chorus & Acoustic Guitar: Ny Oh
Acoustic Guitar: Mitch Rowland

STREAM/PURCHASE 『Harry’s House』HERE:https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse

■Harry Styles Socials
Official HP:https://www.hstyles.co.uk
Instagram (info):https://www.instagram.com/hshq

Official site:https://www.thefirsttake.jp/
THE FIRST TIMES : https://www.thefirsttimes.jp

A microphone and a white studio.

And 1 rule.
You’ve got 1 TAKE.
Perform anything you like.

Show us everything you’ve got for that 1 moment.



Director/Creative Director/ Art Director: Keisuke Shimizu
Copywriter: Hiroshi Yamazaki
Director of Photography: Kazuki Nagayama
Lighting Director: Kazuhide Toya
MovieProducer: Shohei Sadohara(TYO drive)
Production Manager: Yusuke Kurashina(TYO drive)
Offline Editor: Kentaro Kinoshita
Colorist: Yuma Karasawa
Online Editor: Takahiro Toyoda
Post-Production Manager: Kazuya Kawamura
UK Production Company: 4th Floor Creative Group
UK Directors: Laurence Warder, Chris Chance
Producer: Vicky Smith
Production Assistants: Vanessa Ribeiro, Becky Stainton
DIT: Katie Harris
Director of Photography: Sachin Parmar
First Assistant Camera: Will Wallace
Camera Operators: John Simmons, Paul Lucas, Mike Forde, Sam Curtis, Sam Keogh
Tech Manager: Ollie Stratton
Camera Technician: Devin Zivkovic
Tech Assistant: Will Ford
Camera Assistants: Tom Granica, Tom Henmah, Josh Bosley, Zac Clarke
Audio: Paul Stadden, Alex Wrigglesworth
Comms Assistant: Joe Eccles
Gaffer: Ollie Riches
Spark: Hayden Jones, Henry Martin, Magdalena Rak
Audio Mixing Engineer: Snake Newton
Production Manager: Eric Piontkowski
Playback Engineer: Jaron Lamot
Monitor Engineer: Charles ‘Chopper’ Bradley
Audio Engineer: Rod Clarkson
FOH Engineer: Karl Newton
Guitar Tech: Matt Randall, Alex Oakley
Photographer: Frank Fieber
Photographer Assistant: Becca Wheeler
Digital Operator: Laura Heckford
Coordinator: Jun “UMEJUN” Umemoto, Hiro Murakami, Chiaki Nozu Stylist: Harry Lambert
Hair: Ayae Yamamoto
Skin: Laura Dominique

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25 Responses

  1. Katriinka says:

    This is really iconic. Not many of the current artists would have the confidence to go to The First Take. It´s THE ULTIMATE showcase. I am excited!

  2. Yeosangie's Ponytail says:

    This is stunning. Boyfriends is already a lovely song, but this just elevated its beauty. Well done everyone.💚

  3. bon bon says:

    I’m not updated with Harry Style’s latest songs, or any western songs for years now, since I switched to Japanese songs at the start of pandemic. So imagine my surprise when I saw Harry here at The First Take! It’s amazing, and he’s an amazing artist too.

    • tecito says:

      @Teri Martinez yes

    • Teri Martinez says:

      Con you please confirm at the end, is he saying thank you in Japanese?

    • sara ray says:

      @TewPaqs lop samee😂 i sing japanese songss acoustic soft ones very oftenn.. And my friendss are fed up of me😂

    • TewPaqs says:

      lmao i dont even listen to english songs anymore after having found japanese music

    • Mandyhiman says:

      Same story for i listened to some k pop by bts but it didnt appealed to me but anime really changed me for last 1 and half years now i listened japanese songs atleast an hour a day with full volume. I was shocked to see harry styles a western singer on this channel.

  4. sunflower says:

    Conozco este canal y relamente no imaginaba que algún día Harry fuese invitado, su presentación me hizo sentir en las nubes♡♡

  5. Ananya Sharma says:

    this sounds EXACTLY like the studio version!!! props to the band and harry for pulling this off so gracefully.

  6. A M says:

    A lot of people seem to be confused as why Harry would be on TFT. It’s because his newest album ‘Harry’s House’ is a tribute to the Japanese pop icon Haruomi Hosono, who’s best known for leading electronic pioneers Yellow Magic Orchestra, and shaping the genre of City Pop. ‘Harry’s House’ is named after Haruomi Hosono album from the 70’s called ‘Hosono House’.

  7. Beverly Carr says:

    This is not a problem for Harry. His live performances are so good and there is no second chance and he doesn’t use auto tune or anything but his beautiful, natural voice. This is a beautiful song and they always do it perfectly live with just guitars.

  8. kay says:

    People saying this isn’t a different version…it is. The album does not have female harmonization or a portion that is a cappella. We just recognize this rendition because he’s performed this version live before and we’re used to it. For those who have only heard the album, this version is slightly different with the female harmonization/ a cappella.

    Beautiful rendition! Loved hearing his voice. Slightly wish the harmonization was softer but either way a wonderful performance!! Hopefully there is a second one. I went and watched other performances and thoroughly enjoyed finding new artists; I noticed they tend to do two songs on this channel. This is an awesome channel with an amazing idea of seeing the raw vocals of artists! Subscribed for more content 🙂

  9. accioloki says:

    his vocals this era so far has been immaculate. this literally sounds like the studio version.

  10. sadikshya says:

    Literally no difference cuz he never uses autotune or something. This is the proof he is real and his voice too. Love you so much H. 💚😭

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