Harry Styles – Late Night Talking (coming soon)

Harry Styles – Late Night Talking (coming soon)

Official Trailer for “Late Night Talking” by Harry Styles.
Harry’s new album “Harry’s House” out now. Listen here: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse

Amazon Music: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse/AmazonMusic
Apple Music: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse/AppleMusic
Deezer: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse/Deezer
iTunes: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse/iTunes
Pandora: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse/Pandora
Soundcloud: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse/Soundcloud
Spotify: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse/Spotify
YouTube Music: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse/YouTubeMusic

Follow Harry Styles:
Facebook: https://HarryStyles.lnk.to/followFI
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25 Responses

  1. Aylin Garcia says:


  2. Shantanu Mishra says:

    Harry will never know this but every update about him gives so much joy and happiness to people like me.
    Always makes my day much much better!

  3. Karen Sofia Urbano says:

    Late Night talking es mi canción favorita del álbum, gracias por darnos tu música Harry 💖

  4. Nathália Nazar says:


  5. Aranza Flores says:

    Estoy gritando de la emoción y la felicidad,ya quiero que sea 13 de julio,ya casi,te amó Harry 🙂

  6. 𝑎𝑟𝑎𝑛𝑧𝑎_𝑙𝑜𝑢𝑖𝑒 says:

    Omg, no puedo esperar para el video de Late night talking. Va a ser especial 😭✨🦋✨

  7. Riquelme Santana says:

    Harry te amamos tanto, só um simples vídeo seu assobiando transforma um dia comum em um dia incrível 💛

  8. Ana Cecília Fonseca says:

    Tão adorável 😭❤

  9. amsi amanda says:

    i was literally having such a bad day today but harry saved my mood just by smiling and me looking forward to watching the music video on wednesday <3

  10. Cindy joselin Ruiz aguilar says:

    Omg, este video será genial, esperando a que salga…es que harry es demasiado cute💘
    I loveeeee 🤍

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