Harry Styles – Music For a Sushi Restaurant (Official Video)

Harry Styles – Music For a Sushi Restaurant (Official Video)

Official Video for “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” by Harry Styles.
Harry’s new album “Harry’s House” out now. Listen here: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse

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(Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine)

Green eyes, fried rice,
I could cook an egg on you,
Late night, game time,
Coffee on the stove yeah,
You’re sweet ice cream,
But you could use a flake or two,
Blue bubblegum twisted round your tongue,

I don’t want you to get lost,
I don’t want you to go broke,
I want you,

It’s cause I love you babe,
In every kind of way,
Just a little taste,
You know I love you baby,


“Excuse me, a green tea?”,
Music for a sushi restaurant,
From ice on rice,
Scuba duba dubub boo,
Music for a sushi restaurant,
Music for a sushi restaurant,
Music for whatever you want,
Scuba duba dubub boo,

I’m not going to get lost,
I’m not going to go broke,
Staying cool,

You know I love you babe,

If the stars were edible,
And our hearts were never full,
Could we live with just a taste?,
Just a taste,

It’s cause I love you babe,
In every kind of way,
Just a little taste,
You know I love you baby,

#HarryStyles #HarrysHouse #MusicForASushiRestaurant

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27 Responses

  1. Altair Ozuna says:

    No sé si tengo miedo porque es lo más surrealista y raro que he visto en el mes, o estar orgullosa de lo creativo que es Harry y su equipo


    when you realize that it is all sort of a metaphor to show how harry is a showpiece for the industry (or in this case the restaurant) and when he makes the slightest mistake his career will practically fall apart, hits hard

  3. jereni says:

    if you really think about it this is actually such a good way for him to symbolize what he goes through in the industry

  4. Frida Leon says:

    el video pasa de ser “extraño “ cuando lo ves más de 3 veces y entiendes el concepto, igual sigue siendo excelente❤ Harry Supremacy 🛐

  5. Styles Zen says:

    We get the message, Harry, we know the amount of exploitation in the music industry and we know that there is always a dark side despite fame and money but let me tell you the truth we love you not just because you make great music we love you because you are who you are and your heart and your innocent pure beautiful soul and your humility and kindness I know Every beginning has an end, you may grow old, the music makers will forget you, but you know that you are a legend and legends never die

  6. Altair Ozuna says:


  7. A' says:

    Aterrador y increíble al mismo tiempo ,que maravilla de video

  8. Denisa says:

    I have no words.. Harry surprises me every time with his music 👍:)))

  9. Ciera Sherrod says:

    I love the hidden but not hidden message behind this. What a job Harold👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  10. Miranzaddy says:

    He’s so good! I started loving him when I heard him sing at Coachella 😁

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