Harry Styles – Satellite (Coming Soon)

Harry Styles – Satellite (Coming Soon)

Official Trailer for “Satellite” by Harry Styles.
Join the “Satellite” Premiere Page: https://hstyles.lnk.to/Satellite
Harry’s new album “Harry’s House” out now. Listen here: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse

Amazon Music: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse/AmazonMusic
Apple Music: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse/AppleMusic
Deezer: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse/Deezer
iTunes: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse/iTunes
Pandora: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse/Pandora
Soundcloud: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse/Soundcloud
Spotify: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse/Spotify
YouTube Music: https://hstyles.lnk.to/HarrysHouse/YouTubeMusic

Follow Harry Styles:
Facebook: https://HarryStyles.lnk.to/followFI
Instagram: https://HarryStyles.lnk.to/followII
Twitter: https://HarryStyles.lnk.to/followTI
Website: https://HarryStyles.lnk.to/followWI
Spotify: https://HarryStyles.lnk.to/followSI
YouTube: https://HarryStyles.lnk.to/subscribeYD

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28 Responses

  1. Michelle F says:

    I am so happy to live in the same time as Harry. He is literally a gift for this world and makes it to a better place. Can’t imagine how much he means to how many people :‘)

    • moon-light aura says:


    • Dog Lover says:

      @Εύη Κοτζιά i feel exactly the same! In my class a couple years ago we learnt the song history by one direction and a picture of the band was on the board. At first i kinda looked at harry and thought ew, he’s just a boy. Now i look back and think how was i so stupid to think that lol! Harry is a complete inspiration and im so glad that he has inspired you and others as well. Harry is currently my celeb crush as well so when i tell people that i love Harry Styles, the often thing that i just mean romantic love however i genuinely ‘love’ him for who he is and his music is the best I’ve ever heard. Im so glad that he has gone from this little cute 16 year old boy with the hair to Harry Styles the sensation, the beautiful, the one and only Mr Styles

    • EmelyVic says:

      thiss 😿💗

    • Εύη Κοτζιά says:

      @Dog Lover I’m absolutely honoured to read such words and be part of this amazing fandom and i wanna say that i was “in love” with the third one who sang in You and I music video (which is obviously Harry but then i didn’t knew that bc i was like seven years old but ok) and right now I’m officially two years fan of him and he literally helped me in many different ways so many different times, i also got really inspired from him and started writing just for fun different songs (which are not available anywhere, they’re just for me and my friends) but i also wrote two songs about him you know just to express him my feelings 🙂 i could give everything just to see him once

    • Romane CAPLA says:

      fr i mean he keeps me alive

  2. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    One thing Harry is gonna do is make amazing music videos to go with already amazing songs. Cannot wait for this cinematic masterpiece ❤

  3. Dream Read says:

    Guys let’s get the mv to no.1 on trending when it comes out 🔥🔥 Harry deserves it 💖

  4. usuario says:


  5. ⁠๑ Golden ๑ says:

    Esta canción es una obra de arte, es una de mis canciones favoritas de Harry’s House, estoy tan feliz por Harry <3

  6. Young Orange says:

    Harry Styles inspired me to go all in with my music. He was once just like me, an artist trying to get heard. And now he’s on on top. It’s happening for me, and Im not stopping when it does! 🧡

  7. Estefania De La Vega says:

    Te amo Harry por sacar MV de mi canción favorita de HARRY’S HOUSE 😭♥️

  8. ʀᴀɪɴʙᴏᴡɢᴀʏ ヅ says:

    ESTOY TAN EMOCIONADA POR ESTE MV, satellite es una canción preciosa <3

  9. Julia Braga says:

    Estou acompanhando o Harry a 12 anos, e nunca me arrependi de estar seguindo sua trajetória, amo demais esse menino, muito talentoso, carismático e amoroso com os fãs, te amoooooooooooooooooooooo Harry ❤❤❤❤❤

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