Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump and Systemic Sexism: A Closer Look

Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump and Systemic Sexism: A Closer Look

Seth Takes a closer look at how powerful men in entertainment and politics – from Harvey Weinstein to Donald Trump – abuse their power to silence, bully or coerce.
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Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump and Systemic Sexism: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. CubanExile says:

    LIbtards DUMB as Rocks. Seth Meyers is a hypocrite. Trump is Winning BIG TIME. He is not of of them. Not a DEMONcrat Not a RATpublican. We are draining the DC Swamp, Getting rid of SOCIALIZED medicine, thats for communist and socialist. Hollywood is imploded over its anti women hate lifestyle and the No Fans Left leauge along with ESPN are dying off. Fake news has been brought to the light. All that is left is for these Late Night TALK whores to end their stupidity. Trum 2020 ! ! I A M T R U M P ! !

  2. D Storm says:

    Seth is a Left Wing kid.

  3. dvrmte says:

    Sad Seth is down with the party of rapists. People who vote Democrat commit the vast majority of rapes in this country. If you just consider the huge amounts of black rapists, the Clintons and Weinsteins pale in comparison. There is a rape culture in Hollywood, and among Liberals and Leftists, who commit the vast amount of rapes. They are Muslim huggers and Islam allows the rape of non-believers, heck, their Prophet was a pedophile. The love and protect the black rapists and have a culture of denial, deceit, and covering up black criminality. Females should expect rape frequency to only increase.

  4. chris sawman says:

    screw you seth and all the sheep that follow you..to compare trump to the rapist weinstien is a disgrace,you and all those other late night”comedians”go to the same cocaine filled pedophile parties that weinstien go to…the truth is coming out and its not gonna be good for hollywood,or any of you puppets

  5. The Monopoly Guy says:

    Of course you would try to link Weinstein and Trump together…maybe Trump caused the fires in Cali too

  6. orionsdad1 says:

    What a jerk this clown is.

  7. Amy no says:

    God, Trump is a nightmare that we cannot wake up from. 😩 Terrifying.

  8. Thomas Wolozanski says:

    Trump is a mad dog he thinks he is King he thinks he is rich shows us your tax return do you think you are above the law time to take the mad dog down

  9. Vince Talley says:

    I think they need to include the Clinton’s in this comparison as they also treat both genders terribly.

  10. Master Knot See says:

    Number 3 on trending only 700k views. A clip from a tv talk show. Criticism of Trump. Ads. Ok YouTube trending is legit. This platform is such a shill platform

  11. kcthewanderer says:

    It’s really too bad that narcissism and psychopathy are two traits that are seen as effective leadership (“I’m great, therefore we are great.”, “Nothing personal, but this department is getting shut down next week.”), but so often is so destructive at the personal level. Our society doesn’t value happy mediums, and in that, these two qualities rule the day and serve as templates for the next generation, victims be damned. When the world believes in one-sided winning, we all lose.

  12. Anj A says:

    Give this man a medal. Love you Seth! Thank you on behalf of women!!!

  13. trisha kay says:

    “You should be able to be alone with a woman and not sexually assault her” 👊👊👊👊👏👏👏👏

  14. Just Me says:

    Trump is so disgusting and uneducated it’s pathetic. Get him out of the white house already.

  15. whiteboyjeff12 says:

    each one of those creeps had a mom, a wife, i don’t know about the other two, but trump has daughters, WTF is wrong you guys! oh yeah, they were power drunk. disgusting.

  16. Kyle Stein says:

    Another late night fail…. stick to comedy or at least try and be funny… make a half ass attempt every once and a while at least..

  17. michael quintanilla says:

    Hey Seth what did you do for puerto rico

  18. Rick Amortis says:

    Wow, that’s pretty pathetic. No mention of Hillary being married to and best friends with rapists. Or better yet, tell some jokes, you are supposedly a comedian, not a political commentator. You suck at both.

  19. Alien Skeptic says:

    even though the guy was close friends with hillary and obama this is related to trump

  20. insanelook says:

    Seriously, I am just wondering on which side are those medias, the Clinton’s or Fake newz side …

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