Harvey Weinstein Is A Bad Person

Harvey Weinstein Is A Bad Person

Stephen addresses the elephant in the room (no offense to elephants), Harvey Weinstein, and the allegations that led to his firing from the Weinstein Company.

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20 Responses

  1. New Message says:

    You just know that Trump claimed he did the ‘jerking it into a potted plant’ first.

  2. Culminatr says:

    Well done Stephen Colbert. Funny as …

  3. Nimble Saint says:

    Prepare yourself…. next we’ll hear that he was sodomizing little boys and girls along with being besties with Stephen Colbert, Meryl Streep and many other Hollywood elite. Ick.

  4. Emerald Green says:

    I am sorry but Donald Trumps locker talk is just that talk. He didn’t even say it directly to the Women. Weinstein actually masterbated Infront of the Women and had then watch. Huge difference

    Reaching is an understatement.

    Liberal brain damage

  5. pinfarmer says:

    Fired only after they got exposed. They certainly knew all these decades. The ones who knew and did nothing are just as guilty.

  6. Doorman says:

    Calling for good, clean, family values, Christian & in-offensive humour sound bites to help Stephen show the Right he is open to more harassment from them. As long as they try to entertain, comedians will be criticised often.

  7. Barrobroadcastmaster says:

    Video about Harvey Weinstein, half the comments are bashing Trump/Trump supporters.

  8. Bryan says:

    I just can’t watch this white guy who thinks he is funny.

  9. Cyrus Slapatich says:

    I hope Weinstein was gentle with Obama’s rent a kid when she interned.

  10. Pyro 2000 says:

    Wait a minute.

    Talking to your friend, in what you believe to be a private setting, about having sex with groupie women is NOT the same as Harvey Weinstein using his position of power to bribe women into fucking him and then forcing himself on them.

    But I expect absolutely nothing sleazier and lower from Colbert, try and turn Harveys sexual harassment case into a Trump thing. The left truly don’t have any dignity.

  11. The Fat man says:

    If you want to study what tribalism is just read this comment section.

  12. Megamigit23 says:


  13. JyByrd Jybyrd says:

    Why haven’t Obama and Hillary Clinton come out to disavow Weinstein? Double standard much? Fuck you Hollywood liberal hypocrits.

  14. Alex Grape says:

    There’s a difference between actions and words. Hey Colbert how are your show ratings lately?

  15. AloneinFiction says:

    The band leader guy is so annoying.

  16. Six Beer Math says:

    60’s and 70’s? During the sexual liberation? Did his lawyers just blame feminism? I’d be astounded

  17. EL SCIENCE says:

    how is this bullshit on trending with 168K views….

  18. Fl0OD says:

    I love how it required Stephen Colbert telling the left that he is bad, because without Stephen they are incapable of critical thought at all!

  19. Kylo Targaryen says:

    You all have it comin’!

  20. C Mahoney says:

    But Meryl Streep said he was God?

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