Hasan Minhaj Says Goodbye to The Daily Show | The Daily Show

Hasan Minhaj Says Goodbye to The Daily Show | The Daily Show

The Daily Show bids farewell to correspondent Hasan Minhaj, whose final report details combining MoviePass and Obamacare into one super subscription.

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66 Responses

  1. Dany says:


  2. BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile] says:

    An icon.

  3. Bigbang is your bias’s bias and you know it says:


  4. Unown says:


  5. Elena Sanchez says:

    I knew this was why there was a β€œbest of” video! Hope to see great things from him soon!!

  6. Gagandeep Singh Parmar says:

    i thought this was a joke😭

  7. qwertyyxoxo says:

    awh man. they both look a bit teary eyed. you’ll be missed Hasan – but looking forward to your talk show on netflix ! So proud πŸ™‚ #BROWNREPRESENT

  8. brcaa says:

    At least we’ll get to see Hasan on Netflix β€” but I will miss him so much in the Daily Show!

  9. Ilham Boui says:

    We’ll miss you Hasan. But i’m sure you’ll be killing it out there. Good luck Man.

  10. Esha Bolar says:

    NOOOOO DONT LEAVE!!! Hasan Minaj was the brown child that I could relate to

  11. 1011010 says:

    First Michelle wolf next Jordan klepper and now hasan wtf

  12. vietimports says:

    the daily show really is the internship for netflix

  13. 도 밀톨이 says:

    Well, they need another Muslim correspondent now.

  14. Max Steel says:

    *he dropped the mic on a colonoscopy joke before walking out the door*
    *he’s gonna be just fine*

  15. AngelOne11 says:

    Where is he going?

  16. LeoIsWet5 says:

    Damn, he was my favorite correspondent too… but I can’t wait to see his new show

    • InHumano XY says:

      I like both, I hope both come back and are succesful.

    • Brian Albert says:

      Yeah. The Chappelle Show. Considered one of the greatest comedy shows of all time.

    • Andreas karlsson says:

      LeoIsWet5 i think all their correspondants atm are awesome and all deserve their own show.
      Just imagine this headline:
      “CP time with Roy Wood Jr – on netflix now!”
      How happy wouldnt we be then? :p

    • אוֹר Χ‘Φ·ΦΌΧ™Φ΄Χͺ says:


      I’d say he’s probably pretty well β€œintegrated” and β€œmoderate” Muslim if any, and why should you be exhibiting a hint of bias against him?

    • אוֹר Χ‘Φ·ΦΌΧ™Φ΄Χͺ says:

      Pietro Jenkins, he’s a name. Is that how you normally refer to people – by their religion?

  17. James Burgess says:

    Hasan has been incredible as a correspondent.
    He is extremely talented and I just can’t wait to see him be even more successful in the future!

  18. Hammad Ali says:

    He was one of my favorite parts of the Daily Show.

  19. Donald-Ud-Deen Trump says:

    “I thought you were seeing a doctor.”
    “Yeah, Doctor Strange I’ve seen it 12 times!”

  20. Star Cherry says:

    Will miss that beard! Man I hated when he shaved it away

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