Hasbulla on Getting Married, What Drake DM’d Him and McGregor Beef!

Hasbulla on Getting Married, What Drake DM’d Him and McGregor Beef!

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23 Responses

  1. WEALTHY 570 says:

    Hasbulla straight to the point and humble. Gave more gems in 20 minutes than a lot of these other guests did in 2 hours!

    • Selman Uzun says:

      This probably took way longer with translators thats probably why he was tired too

    • Fivestars says:

      @Brandon Anderson bro hasbulla is 20 years old. he has a genetic problem where he doesn’t grow more than a 5 year old.

    • marik says:

      @javon russell i’m russian n the translator was pretty wrong half the time

    • God Mode says:

      @Brandon Anderson he’s been on earth the same amount of time as every other 20yo. And he’s been to places u never been And achieved things ur entire bloodline will never achieve. u need some humbling lmao

  2. Brent Jones says:

    It’s crazy to me that it takes a man who looks like a toddler to mic drop on all of us the real meaning of life, to help others. This is a selfless man and so inspiring, you never hear anyone with fame these days talking an entire interview about how they just want to help more people. Hasbulla the GOAT

  3. John Slate says:

    This podcast is legendary especially considering you guys having to step out of your comfort zone when interviewing someone that speak a different language. Much Respect ✊🏼

  4. CF1091 says:

    I’ve not seen Hasbulla on a podcast before. He seems to appreciate being able to tell his story much more than all the normal stuff he does

  5. Alex says:

    I teared up when he start talking about his experience in school and how teachers and students treated him 🙁 Glad that he is doing ok now and all the bad memories are behind him

  6. dxjjw says:

    I respect that they actually tried to have a mature conversation with him, it must be honestly quiet draining for him having people talk down to him when he’s literally 20.

    • Trades for Daze says:

      @Geugar tired from what they went to his country to do the interview so he wasn’t tired

    • Luke Jarrett says:

      bloke goes around punching knee caps like a crackhead toddler what do you expect?

    • alex t says:

      @Big Ol Muffies No he doesn’t. He has growth hormone deficiency. You can tell he’s very smart and mature

    • Yung child support says:

      @Teleportdinero the chosen one there’s no way you just quoted Joe Biden. Fuck outta here bro

    • Geugar says:

      @Trades for Daze You’re definitely right I just started watching another interview with him and he comes off way more intelligent in that. His responses makes perfect since given the question he’s asked. I’m sure being really tired played a part, but clearly the translation is way off.

  7. Zak says:

    This was an amazing episode. Interview was on point and respectful. Translation, editing and pacing as best as I’ve seen. Thank you guys 😃🙏

  8. Anthony DC says:

    Hasbulla what an interesting personality and man. He really does bring alot of light to the world. God bless him always. And by the way Brad great addition to the podcast . Keep him Forsure , he asks a lot good questions

  9. Zeekay Sniper says:

    Money and fame never changed Hasbulla. He always looks back to where he came from and gives back to the poor people. He might be small in everyones eyes but Hasbulla definitely got a big heart❤

  10. hello view says:

    Brad shows that it’s not about being cool or having the biggest ego; but having the ability to ask the right questions that keep the content interesting.

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