have you ever seen a yellow laser?

have you ever seen a yellow laser?

have you ever seen a yellow laser? #shorts

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37 Responses

  1. MLJ productions says:

    **jedi temple guard noises intensify**

  2. Alientoast says:

    yellow lasers are really awesome i wish that they would be cheaper but honestly they are one of the hardest dpss laser to make but ig its all worth it cus the color and beam visibility is amazing

    • Alucard says:

      @Irregular Pineapples any light converted into a focused beam artificially is a laser

    • Jeet Skeet says:

      @Irregular Pineapples laser is an abbreviation for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, so literally any light being focused into a high energy beam

    • stop says:

      @Irregular Pineapples tldr light is squeezed into a cool line strong line

    • Die Maschine, die viereckige Eier macht says:

      @Irregular Pineapples the key feature of the laser is that the stimulated emission in its gain medium produces very coherent light, e.g. the additionally created electromagnetic wave is in phase (and frequency) with the incoming electromagnetic wave passing through. This produces a light that only consists of very few individual frequencies. Normal light sources like an incadecent light bulb or the sun produce incoherent light at many frequencies. LEDs produce more coherent light, but by far not as clean as a laser, since the laser also is designed to behave as an optical high quality-factor resonator and bandpass filter, which amplifies only certain wavelengths.

  3. Muonium says:

    I cannot help but notice that the sum frequency generated wavelength output of this device is 589nm, which is coincidentally exactly the same as the natural emission lines of sodium – the so called Fraunhofer “D lines” – which are selectively excited in a layer of the upper atmosphere where sodium from meteorites burning up is constantly present, and which is used to create artificial laser “guide stars” used by telescopes to deblurr the atmosphere and see astronomical objects nearly as clearly as if the telescope were in space. Perhaps the power output of this laser you have is sufficient to take an image of the excitation of this sodium layer in a long exposure photograph – something I’ve never see anyone on youtube do.

    • Muonium says:

      @styropyro shorts I dunno dood, I’m reading some papers by Kane et al. and Denman et al. and granted they do seem to be tuning specifically to the exact hyperfine transition of the DsubAlpha line for excitation, but besides using lithium borate as their nonlinear SFG crystal where you have KTP, it’s basically the same dual neodymium line system. Plus there’s going to be significant Doppler broadening in the Na up there…. I bet this is actually doable with very little power and a modest telescope.

    • A Chad catboy says:

      @Andrew Brown People I think are starting to pivot towards inserting context clues before the text to prevent misunderstandings, but I actually find it amusing when someone gets confused and goes off on a tangent, provided they catch themselves in the act, sort of like on a prank show. Sadly, some people ruin the fun for the rest of us and take it far into serious territory, face palming heard ’round the world.

    • 🤿ScubaShark・鮫🦈 ✔ says:

      Thanks for the knowledge.

    • Xiolany Aviles says:

      I know you never see anyone do that!

  4. Elijah Marshall says:

    I never thought I’d see a Resonance Cascade, let alone create one. Be careful Gordon

  5. Michael says:

    *_yellow laser exists_

    Rey: Pretty cool, riight?

  6. Chris B says:

    Styropyro is the REAL Real Genius. Nope, never seen yellow until now. So cool!

  7. DIO says:

    The whitelight beam I used for constructing a NOPA had its peak in the yellow spectral range, so yeah I have seen one.
    Whitelight was generated using a 1030 nm Yterbium pulsed Laser creating a supercontinuum in a YAG-Crystal by self-phase-modulation. Pretty cool stuff

  8. Dam says:

    Too bad they don’t sell this specific one anymore, I want it!

  9. YouTube says:

    when that ballon popped tho 😲🎈

  10. Just-Josh says:

    “It’s no death ray but it’s still strong enough to pop a balloon”
    Is one of the most threatening sentences I have ever heard.

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