Having a conversation without listening

Having a conversation without listening

Andy tires to hold a conversation with his mum without hearing a thing she’s saying, but has Ham listening and miming suggestions of what to say…

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18 Responses

  1. Albert Orchard says:

    ?? love you vids

  2. Samuel Fitzsimmons says:

    notification squad, where you at.

  3. Lone Tiger says:

    First I love you guy your my favourite

  4. Dolan 1239 says:

    spelling mistake you said “mine” instead of *mime*”

  5. Joshua T says:

    I’m hungry

  6. Ilham Hatami says:

    Come on, give Jack his vacation.

  7. Vanze 安东尼 says:

    “No, no, no! I love you more… I’m hungry” lmaoo

  8. Mistahh Freezy says:


  9. The Ball From Rocket League says:

    a a a donut!

  10. Simply1D_xox says:

    Andy’s mum sounds like such a sweetheart

  11. Boshy says:

    He actually did so well lol. I would fail and just say all the wrong things lol.

  12. Chels Murphy says:

    Omg I heard this in the car just before but I missed the beginning so I the whole time I’m like why is Andy talking to his mum so awkwardly ??

  13. Nisha Ismail says:

    Hahaha this is so funny ?

  14. OnePercentBetter says:

    Pure gold!

  15. Solar says:

    She must have thought he was so drunk

  16. XxKing Mez196xX says:

    Don’t like this comment

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