Having His Lil Brother Be Mean To Me!

Having His Lil Brother Be Mean To Me!

I shouldn’t have let it get this far…

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66 Responses

  1. Aanaly Carrasco says:

    You are the cutest couple and I can’t wait to see yours baby

  2. JAE Vlogs says:

    so early Anthony hasn’t commented “get back to your zoom class”

  3. ItsAshley says:

    The first thing I hear when I click on this video is “anthony” 😂

  4. Queen ASMR says:

    Who else can’t wait for the intro with baby Vargas

  5. Sabrina's World says:

    Bella- “Anthony
    Anthony- ” Bro why would you do that”
    I’m dead 😅🤣😂

  6. Naieela Lewis says:

    When he puled her hair and Anthony had her back cash app ncnclothingline

  7. •lemøns• says:

    Bellas: AnThOnYyYyYyyYy
    Anthony: why did u do that bruh

    (edit) : omg tysm for the likes

  8. A&B Things says:

    Hiiii what are you guys having for dinner? -Bella

  9. Marwa Hussain says:

    Me: 😂😂😂

    • RealestK says:

      Hello everyone I’m a 16 year old artist/singer, my mom said if my recent music video “Realestk – Tuesday ” gets 1k likes I can get a new mic, it would mean a lot if you could come help! 💫

  10. Lil Black #Me_Alexandra says:

    Bro if my older brother was being mean to my “ boyfriend” I don’t have one but I will smack the shit out of him

  11. Anzeela says:

    It broke my heart when he said “ you need to go with your dad or your mom “ …

  12. c r i s p y b u n s says:

    “She didn’t f’ing desearve that shes pregnant” aww hes so sweet to her!💖

  13. ZZ - 08MM 750877 Ross Drive PS says:


    The whole argument, anothany be like:
    I’m not playn im not playn lol 😂

  14. Ameena Plays says:

    I think you should take Anthony to the sugar factory for his birthday.

  15. Jessika U says:

    “I’m sad”
    “Because your not eating” this was so cute 🥺😭

  16. Ariana says:

    When fw. Manuel hit he’s head on the roof of the car that got me mest up lol

  17. That hoe Ally says:

    I’m surprised Anthony didn’t beat his brother after he poured of the drink on Bella’s head

  18. alexandra lucia says:

    im sorry but when Anthony’s brother said “FATTY MAGEE” i died

  19. aileen pena says:

    when anthony’s brother hit his head i bet he was like “yeah i regret doing this prank” LMAO

  20. ykitsmezey says:

    “im sad”
    “because you not eating”
    thats so cute wtf yall are so cute together❤️

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