Hawaii gets false missile strike alert

Hawaii gets false missile strike alert

People in Hawaii received an emergency alert about an incoming ballistic missile, however Hawaii’s Office of Emergency Management says there is no missile threat to the state.

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  1. ChinoV says:

    Feels like it was a sick joke. Received an emergency text at 8:07 am to seek shelter, NOT A DRILL! Thought I was going to meet God and Jesus today. I live on Oahu and everyone in my apartment complex was panicking. I received a false alert text at 8:45am. It was a scary 38min of waiting. Called a family member of an HPD officer and found out Hononlulu PD knew they were doing a missle drill today. HPD didn’t warn all of us in Hawaii about the drill. But HPD families knew it was a drill, they didn’t panick.

    Feels like this was intentional to see how the public would react, this is a perfect testing grounds for the government to do some testing on the public in a controlled area. All of us in Hawaii and around the U.S should be asking a lot of questions. As a OIF veteran, I am dissapointed in our government, nothing new.

    • Katie On The Daily says:

      ChinoV that is terrible! Imagine if someone went and killed themselves or had a heart attack because they got so scared? Whomever put out that notice would have blood on their hands. I haven’t heard the news say that it was a test… But I don’t doubt it.

    • sky luna says:

      ChinoV I think it was on purpose no way this was a mistake

    • Homebirth Homeschool Homestead says:

      Why would someone kill themselves because they were scared they were going to get killed?

    • Katie On The Daily says:

      Homebirth Homeschool Homestead anything is possible. It certainly isn’t the response I would have… Self preservation would be my main priority. But if someone wasn’t all there to begin with, they might want to be out misery before being hit with a missile. I dunno. It just seems that at the very least, people could drop dead from heart attacks.

    • Andrea Jamieson says:

      Thank u for ur service btw, and I agree with u

  2. Ryan P-76F1004x4 says:

    We probably shot it down and they are saying it was just a warning alert..

    • Felecia Cormier says:

      Y’all wanna know some crazy shit. Spacex lauched a sat in low earth orbit that is super secret and the CDC is telling us to prep for nuclear war. Don’t believe me look it up.

    • YUKI INU says:


    • Dr.Leonard Church says:

      Ryan, nah an excuse for the U.S. to go to war? They would never pass that up

    • Shinigami アリエル says:

      I would believe that as well, but wouldn’t the US want a reason to go to war tho?

    • Lonestarstate says:

      TheRetiredtrucker when they attack they will massively strike or do a limited strike on sensitive targets

  3. Novez Dream says:

    My mom grabbed me out of the shower and my sister put of the bed and grabbed my dog and took us to the bathroom when she got the text it was a false alarm 20 god damn minutes later me and her were pissed off my sister was scared my dog didn’t know what was going on and out local news channel didn’t have the news on they were playing god damn basketball.

  4. Future Kids says:

    *How I got my text*

    I was sleeping and my sister was sleeping in my room as well. And I wake up to all my devices going off with this alert noise, and for the people who know me KNOW I’m terrified of this alerts. And I hear my mom frantically running around the house until she bursts into my room and she said get up and quickly get dressed. And I was so confused but I had a really bad feeling about this alert because it was so short. And my phone was laying next to me and I check to see what was happening and it said a ballistic missile was inbound of Hawaii and that’s when I break into *tears* I was so scared it hurt to breath. And we were downstairs for a while waiting for my dad to get home and I was sitting down calling EVERYBODY on my contacts, and *lucky my friend* she had just taken a plane to Texas an hour before this. My dad gets home with a case of water and then we hear the sirens, and I flood the house with more tears. My dad went outside to go hear what the siren was saying and it was just a *test* I WAS SO MAD 😠 and still shook from the event 😂and yeah there’s my missile story.

    Gah this was the worst thing that could have happened. 😳

    Someone better get fired today because there was an accident in my neighborhood

    • Soybean The Cat says:

      Future Kids not the worst. There could have been an ACTUAL missile and you wouldn’t be typing this comment.

    • lola o'neal says:

      I woke up to my brother telling me there was a missile and I checked my phone and I was so scared bro

    • Hunter Bowman says:

      Future Kids aren’t you glad it wasn’t the real thing? This is not the worst, but maybe the best thing.

    • Chloe Dias says:

      Future Kids i woke up and i had no idea what was going on until i saw my phone so we went to my auntys house cause she has like a shelter downstairs and i was shaking

    • Chloe Dias says:

      trueboss926 don’t be rude it’s not something to joke around with it could’ve happened and it was unexpected

  5. Crystal Clod says:

    I’m outraged how long this took to correct! Me family and I were terrified beyond belief! And they decided to wait 45 minutes to tell people! How irresponsible!!

    • cjh2010 says:

      Robot Ronnie no you took what I said out of context, I meant how old is this person because I don’t believe this pers9n actually has a family considering his or her name is crystal clod and watches shaven universe.

    • cjh2010 says:

      Robot Ronnie and I change my username because I’m going to change my gamertag.

    • alfred100036 says:

      cjh2010 lol even if he was young he would still have family like his parents and possibly siblings

    • Cookie Cat says:


  6. DonniOnnyOla 1 says:

    My left ear enjoyed the FUCK out of this

  7. Shani Madl says:

    Got the Message Alert as I was waking up. My legs went numb and my heart sank. Kids and husband are in Germany visiting grandparents for the holidays..called my husband to tell him the message I just received and that I love him and the kids should anything happen to me! Kids went hysterical crying at the thought of possibly losing their mother who is alone in Hawaii. Man! It makes me so sad at the thought of having told them this horrible scenario over a mistake like this.
    We need to re-evaluate our priorities in life, put GOD and our families first🙏🏼🌈

  8. j. Villa Knows says:

    I’ll never forget this moment. This text woke me up at 8:08am in Hawaii. I was sleeping next to my wife and my 5 year old had crawled into bed. I work them up, my wife was crying messaging family. TV emergency broadcast said within 6 mins the strike can hit.
    I grabbed my family and we held each other in the hallway away from Windows. My son grabbed his teddy bear since he was an infant and said to me “Grizzly is here Daddy. He’s protected me since I was a baby. We will be safe right?”
    This was a terrible mistake.

  9. Jeremy Johnston says:

    So relieved it was false. I never want to wake to seeing this again! My family and I scrambled to get dress, grabbed some water bottles and dogs. We didn’t think we would make it out away from our house here in Ewa Beach. Makes me rethink living so close to Pearl Harbor

    • TaraLPS says:

      Jeremy Johnston Same, I woke up to my sister in a panic telling everyone to come downstairs and try to huddle up/get the animals inside and stuff. We live in Kapolei and it was kinda a wake up call tbh. Like “oh shit.. this can really happen”

  10. kolbpilot says:

    The truth will never come out. Just a big, fat mistake, according to the liars.

  11. MagicMasters10 says:

    *in an alternate universe this does happen*

  12. David James says:

    In 9 months there will be an increase in births. People thinking they will go out with a bang.

  13. DemarkableP says:

    🎵If I want to…🎶
    🎵If I want to..🎶
    🎵If I want to,
    🎶want to,
    🎶want to.

  14. Lucid Soundz says:

    People are out here getting mad but at least now you know how unprepared you are.
    Also, if this were to happen. Fill your bathtub and sinks with water.

    • Gcincorp Ecommerce and Real Estate says:


    • Tyco Vai says:

      Lucid Soundz It’s a Nuclear Missile. That shows how utterly ill informed we are about the true nature of these weapons. Standing on the 8th floor of a parking garage, i was left just calmly waiting to die. Very interesting experience.

    • Drazen Erkic says:

      In case of nuclear attack there is nothing you can do. But say good buy to your life.
      And this is probably done by USA government so they can see how people going to react on it.

      No mistake no false button

    • Miro Mato says:

      If it was really “no drill” alarm issued due an error, then did the president receive “the US are under the attack” message? Where was he at that moment, how did he react to it? At which point did he receive the “false alarm” then?
      And if this was actually a planned exercise, then many other questions need to be answered.
      And how can there be one person and one button to hit by a “mistake” anyway… and let it go 38 min…

    • Miro Mato says:

      A “*ballistic* missile attack” means nukes by default. Those are not cruise missiles like Tomahawk and such

  15. PROD. July says:


  16. Nerdy Dork says:

    When you accidentally press send…

  17. Anindividual says:

    I’m sure the government knows something and were using Hawaii as a test subject to test their alert system…

    • Sloppeh! says:

      US government probably gonna launch a missile on its own citizen, then claiming it’s N. Korea to justify a war.

    • JOHN MACK says:

      Yeah I live in makakilo and many people here don’t have iPhones but the ones that did were getting their asses outa there or were staying in a bathtub praying

    • dank god says:

      Get your tinfoil hats

    • Miro Mato says:

      Maybe it was to test the president who was busy playing golf at his property at that time… “Mr. President, the US are under the nuclear attack”.
      Well, if that the case, the stable genius called out their bluff.

    • Brooke B says:

      Yeah that actually is the truth. The army knew about a threat but wanted a different story run on local news

  18. Ellis Guerrero says:

    *Ohh my God….imagine if this happened in every state in the United States* 😞

  19. Joseph Dungee says:

    I really feel for the people of Hawaii because I know they must be traumatized because there is no escape in a circumstance like that.

  20. MrsCurioCheerio says:

    So many fucked up comments on here, I mean ffs have some sympathy people. Imagine your whole state, city, or whatever getting an actual emergency alert saying that. I’m surprised this story wasn’t bigger

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