Hawaii on red alert as Kilauea volcano eruption plumes of ash grounds planes

Hawaii on red alert as Kilauea volcano eruption plumes of ash grounds planes

Residents of Hawaii awoke to a looming threat this morning, as a giant plume from the Kilauea volcano rose over 3,500 metres into the air before dropping ash on the big island. Officials warn people to stay indoors and airplanes to stay away from the area.

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89 Responses

  1. Lke Mccl says:

    stay indoors….lol. no get off the island before you become a lava victim

  2. whiteknightcat says:

    So THAT’s what hippies of old look like today (2:00)

  3. TestosteroneRN says:

    Bad if ash gets in the wing???? Did I really hear that? I think she meant engine.

  4. John Beard says:

    Fine that volcano! Carbon footprint! Spare the air!

  5. FLIPPIN CAMPER! says:

    Man I’m still waiting for the end of the world hurry up dammit

  6. IMO Boxing talk says:

    Funny, all these news reports be sure and add something about the false goddess but refuse to acknowledge Jesus

    • Heyo Han says:

      Funny how you want to impose your religion on a news story about the people of Hawaii (and Hawaiian people; the two are different) when Hawaiians don’t believe in Jesus. Then again if Christian/Catholic bothers to do any research into their own religion they’d find out all of it is made-up folk-tales written by MEN.

    • Breanna Reams says:

      Typical of a Christian to have the entitlement to expect everyone to pretend they’re Cristians. I am happy that Hawaiians have resisted annihilation of their culture by converting to Christianity.

    • FortyFive says:

      Breanna Reams Amen.

    • Bart Layman says:

      Sum b Thanks for your thoughts , nice of you to share them. Good luck with your issues too!

    • Leirrie Valentin says:

      IMO Boxing talk all gods are real, or all gods are false. There isn’t one God. If there was one god, it would be the ones cave men prayed 300’000 years ago.

  7. mjproebstle says:

    i hate news media that sensationalizes every point and word… just state the facts, cut the drama, jeez….

  8. Laura Barber says:

    oh so now they’re going to put Hawaii on Red Alert?!?! Did they just think this was going to go away by itself? Didn’t we learn anything from St Helens? I lived in Portland Oregon and not in the direct flow of the air current and yet there was so much Ash falling from the sky it look like it was snowing! When are we going to learn? uniting my prayers with yours for prayers of protection and safety for all!

  9. Laura Barber says:

    could someone please convert those meters to miles? So how high has the ash gone into the sky?

  10. shnobi24 says:

    you live on a chain of volcanic islands, what did you expect?

  11. jamescooling says:

    That delusional hippy is losing her home

  12. penn707 says:

    Pele wants a human sacrifice. A bunch of those old hippies should do the trick.

  13. cameron H says:

    There is no such thing as these Hawaiian “gods” they speak of – its really silly

    • Heyo Han says:

      Hahaha, man, it’s 2018 and people still believe in an all-powerful Sky Daddy. Keep believing in delusional folk-tales made up by Iron Age peasants.

    • Breanna Reams says:

      Yes, silly, just like Jesus.

    • Jacob Payne says:

      Nathan White There isn’t actually any gods.

    • Michael Farrell says:

      Children who still believe in sky faeries should be banned from holding public office, if an adult said they still believed in Santa Claus they’d likely be locked up for their own safety but people actively vote for fools who believe something equivalent

    • Demelo F says:

      cameron H not any more silly than God getting a woman pregnant with his child so that that child could take all the sins of the world on his self. That’s silly AND irresponsible.

  14. Marie Jones says:

    She had no idea until some else told her ?! Sigh ………🤤
    Hawaii has a lot of marijuana doesn’t it!

  15. joshua rugg says:

    Why do they never interview real Hawaiians?

  16. R. Grace says:

    When the government tells you to stay put….you leave. Period.

  17. Michael Lambert says:

    3,500 meters?! Last I checked, Hawaii was part of the United States, not some foreign country. Sheesh!

  18. RawLyrics says:

    why are they making up these Hawaiian gods… they need jesus

    • Breanna Reams says:

      Why do they need Jesus? He’s no more real than their gods.

    • RawLyrics says:

      did you really just say jesus isnt real… so you think he is a made up figure?

    • Cujo8600 says:

      Assuming Jesus is real, what’s he going to do about this volcano? He has no reason to care about 40 houses that have been hit.

    • RawLyrics says:

      really so you expect jesus to just save everyone everytime a natural disaster happens well thats not how it works and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and bad weather are ramping up ten fold just like they said would happen in the bible the closer we get to jesus return… he will be here sooner than you people think

    • Danyoles says:

      RawLyrics he isn’t real

  19. FastCarsNoRules220 says:

    If they can’t fly out of the island, maybe they can take boats or ships instead?

  20. Erin Vaughn says:

    Sending Prayers !!🤗❤

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