Hay Day 10th Birthday: Friends Forever 🎉🎈

Hay Day 10th Birthday: Friends Forever 🎉🎈

What a journey! Greg and the farm animals enjoyed the discovery of the time capsules and place the items back again… wrapping up the birthday celebration with a wonderful memorable photo!

Head over to Hay Day and participate in the Visitor Event to get your very own Birthday Cake decoration 🎂!

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20 Responses

  1. Hay Day Everyday says:

    What a great way to end this amazing journey! I think Time Capsules was a really innovative and fun idea which not only kept us all hooked but made us more excited than ever for birthday prizes! Thank you so much Hay Day for all the cool prizes and rewards! And congratulations for completing 10 years! I can not believe it’s been 10 years already! It feels like as if it was yesterday I downloaded this game and fell in love with it! How much impact this game had on me is indescribable and all I would say is that I loved every second of it! Congratulations everyone and here’s to another 10 years! <33 :))🥳🎉❤️

  2. Наталья Гусейнова says:

    Большое спасибо создателям и всем кто обеспечивает игру ! С юбилеем ! За 8 лет игра стала частью жизни ,где всегда тебе рады бескорыстно ,где солнышко светит всегда ,где милые животные и добрые соседи ! Я рада ,что есть местечко ,моя ферма ,где я укрываюсь от реалей и отдыхаю душой , Желаю всей планете быть такой же доброй фермой!

    • RəsulAllah says:

      Çok gözel vakid kecirirem

    • Rekzo says:

      Полностью согласна с Наташей и присоединяюсь к её словам.От себя скажу,что я далеко не ребёнок,но отдыхаю душой,когда играю,а играю я уже очень много лет😊А ещё,благодаря игре ,я обрела хороших друзей,многие из которых из виртуальных стали реальными.Спасибо огромное создателям и всех вам благ!!!!

  3. Virginia Vigario says:

    Amo jogar Hay Day há quase 10’anos. Faz parte do meu dia a dia.

  4. Cida Kiritschenko says:

    Parabéns, feliz aniversário!
    Sou muito grata por tudo que vocês proporcionam para nós. Gratidão sempre 💖💖💖

  5. Cindy Shortt says:

    Happy 10th Birthday Hay Day, I enjoy playing the game, There is always so many surprises, keep them coming

  6. Wendy Williams says:

    I’ve been playing hay day since 2011… I’m an introvert and this game is life…gave me something else to focus on while going thru my divorce…Happy 10th birthday HAY DAY…hoping for a great many more for the game and ME 😂😂 💕💕💕 you guys who make it all possible for such a great game.

  7. Maria Dalva Da Silva Coelho says:

    Parabéns dez anos de muita alegria e diversão para todos nós que apreciamos hay Day.

  8. Marcia Gualtieri says:

    Parabéns que você continue alegrando a vida de muitas pessoas, eu tomo café com você a uns 9 anos adoro faz muito bem pra mim jogo muito eu e minha irmã obrigada

  9. Pop Flicktion Edits says:

    Happy ten years Hay Day! Here’s to the next ten to come! 🥂 🍾

  10. Limara64 says:

    Hello Hay Day players. Big love filled hugs to you all. What a nice place to be isn’t it ❤🤗

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