HAZBIN HOTEL- “A Cautionary Tale” -(CLIP)-

HAZBIN HOTEL- “A Cautionary Tale” -(CLIP)-

Vaggie weaves a dark and scurvy tale of “the Radio Demon” that Angel didn’t ask for.

Special thanks to Xander Mobus and Amin Elgarch for screams!

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71 Responses

  1. Savannah Hernandez says:

    Wow this animation is kinda like a few cartoons I’ve seen and it’s a lot smoother and cleaner good job vivie

  2. Tomboy Tuber says:

    I really don’t know if you based alastor off patd’s crazy=genius

  3. Comet/Shooting Star/Jewel/Snowy Paws Ocs says:

    *He looks like a Strawberry Pimp* classic spider prostitute Angel
    Edit: it’s only been 6 hours and already at 625 guys WtF there’s better comments

  4. A Lazy Lad says:

    “If I wanted to hurt anyone here.. I would’ve done so already.”

    This Strawberry Pimp will have me on the edge of my seat everytime he’s on the screen.

    • Giraffe Dragon says:

      A Lazy Lad I can’t wait to see more of him as the show progresses to act as a unpredictable entity who starts out helping, but later turns into an antagonist with the arguably more weight and connection that BILL MOTHERFUCKING CIPHER

    • Devil Ace says:

      I don’t think this bitch would’ve done something already, I think he is smart enough to wait for the perfect time to act.

    • The Wolf of Roses says:

      I believe he will have most characters on edge. Probably in more ways then one for certain characters. *Cough.* *Cough.* Angel.

    • César Fernández Herranz says:

      Now the important question: is he going to have an evil scheme? Or does he really want to help from some strange reason?

  5. LadyChild says:


  6. Петух OwO says:

    “Ya done?”
    Omg, that just killed me! XD That’s why I love Angel Dust.

  7. Musse Snoeck says:

    It’s a cautionary TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE~
    Of fear and lust and pride~
    Based on actual eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeents~~
    Where people *DIED*

    And I mean A LOOOT of people
    like, everyone in this story is already dead
    And this is hell, so the kill count here is pretty high too

  8. Zombiewithabowtie says:

    I love the way Vaggie’s hair bow starts becoming horn shaped as she delves deeper into her description of Alastor.

  9. Viel Jethro Moreno Pasal says:

    Call me crazy, but the animation has been improved.
    Don’t tell me I am the only one noticed.

    • The Shy Art Girl says:

      Viel Jethro Moreno Pasal the second it started i was like “different animator?”.?

    • Coraline Smith says:

      Well I don’t know about it been improved but it defiantly changed

    • Why? says:

      If ya looked at the credits someone else animated this whole scene. Looks like they might have used Toonboom instead of Tvpaint, its got more vector feel than traditional.

    • BrokenPixelFace says:

      Yeah, it’s definitely different. Wether or not it’s better is a matter of opinion. If you ask me, this style loses some of the charm. It’s a silly thing to get hung up on, I know.

    • César Fernández Herranz says:

      +Amaranth Iscariot , eeeeh…. Alastor often looks like that but because he has reality breaking powers. It’s intentional.

  10. Emily Cant Win says:

    Angel: “He Looks Like A Strawberry Pimp.”

    Me: Aren’t you one to talk?

  11. Its AiraShadow says:

    *Angel died in 1947*

    *Alastor died in 1933*

    *Vaggie died in 2014*

    Me : OoF

  12. Deltarune Protector says:

    Only you can say that Alastor is a strawberry pimp, Angel… Only you…

  13. Wankster G says:

    One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask. What dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty…

  14. Ally Plays says:

    Angel: “Eh, not big on politics”
    *Me during every political argument that happens when my grandparents come over*

  15. A Stupid Furry [Artemis] says:

    Let’s all just call Alastor a “Strawberry Pimp” now.

  16. Allie Does Stuff says:

    Is it just me or is the animation in this clip weird? Like it’s not bad it’s just different looking. Less smooth

  17. Alan Nights says:

    New animation/line ?
    It looks *smoofer* than before.
    Especially seen on Angel – he’s quite “smaller” (whole body).

    Don’t get me wrong – it looks Great, really !
    But what happend ?

    • TheFireDonut says:

      Simple, they have different animators work on this project, which is why you can see subtle changes every time a clip is released

  18. burntt celeryy says:

    I choked when Angel said “hE lOoKs lIkE a StRaWbErRy pImP!”

  19. Hannah Finch says:

    Ooo! Spooky!
    The ending music gives it a slight horor movie feel!

  20. LimboGen says:

    Oh so thats the Sans of this community. Nice.

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