Hazbin Hotel + Helluva Boss SPRING SALE

Hazbin Hotel + Helluva Boss SPRING SALE

Get your Limited Edition Hazbin Hotel + Helluva Boss Merch HERE ► https://bit.ly/34ANpdD

We know things are tough right now for everyone. Please only support if you can it’s a HUGE help for us to continue to bring you all the content we aim too this year, but we know there are very important things worth saving money for. We promise to bring a lot of this back at a later time but for anyone buying it now THANK YOU. Seriously Thank you.

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61 Responses

  1. Proxy 0 says:

    Vivziepop: *Posts video*

    *Everyone liked that*

  2. Fredlambition says:

    Me: Cool! New merchandise!

    Also me: wait…limited…welp


  3. Devilynx says:

    *More hazbin merch arrives*
    Me: *happy noises*
    *sees its limited stock*
    Me: *sad because i have no money and won’t get any in time*

  4. Alastor says:

    Merch: **exists**

    Everyone: 👁👄👁

  5. Bailey Ray says:

    We desperately need to design a Millie and Moxxie plushie holding hands.

  6. PineappleCat says:

    “Spring is still in the air!”
    *Looks outside*
    Not in Minnesota it isn’t.

  7. Sheree Engels says:

    Me: *sees the tiny Blitz being held by Stolas*

    Everyone: WE WANT A PLUSHY OF BLITZ!!!

  8. I Am The Spy says:

    “Spring is in the air”

    Me who lives in australia: You mean winter?

  9. D4DD13 P00L says:

    **new merch during quarantine**
    _”A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.”_

  10. Плюша Бро says:

    Русские, если вы тут, можете сказать и перевести что он сказал у меня плохо с английским :,>

  11. vanillaskies_ says:

    Merch: *exists*
    My money: *does not exist*
    Me: *depression*

  12. Xavier Kumari says:

    Me: *Sees the merch*

    Also me: iLl tAkE yOuR eNtIrE sToCk

  13. Frances Nicole says:

    **New Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel Merch!**
    Me: Has no money
    Also me: Okay, so my neighbor has a lot of money. I’m robbing him tonight

  14. Bluestar43 95 says:

    Parents: don’t spend your money on anything stupid
    “Vivziepop post video new merchandise”
    Me: pulls out debit card

  15. The Living Liver says:

    virus: exists
    stolas: *remembers what he said about global warming “more people die if nothing is done about it”* …its not so lonely here anymore.

    • Samuraio says:

      @Fat Dude so global warming doesn’t exist?

    • Carlos Yuichi says:

      @Samuraio what is global warming?

    • Zazaful says:

      hell just falling from the sky every hour

    • Andrew Potter says:

      Fat Dude sorry but I can’t tell if your joking or if you actually don’t believe what they’re saying, do you believe in global warming or not? you’ve thoroughly confused me here.

    • The Living Liver says:

      Fat Dude
      bro… idc if you believe global warning isnt real… but thats just racist

      edit: ok nvm i do care. global warming is caused by us humans polluting everywhere. not believing in global warning is the same as polluting. destorying the earth. killing animals. why do you think scientists are so worried about it? iceburgs are melting, fires are happening around the world, (like australia and california and the amazon forest) hell, maybe even this virus has something to do with it! there is so much evidence to global warming and its scary. scarier than this virus thats going on, because its a threat to everyone and everything. and you dont believe in global warming? and you being racist just makes it worse. im sorry for the long rant but im not sorry for trying to protect the earth from people like you. global warming is serious and dangerous if we do nothing about it. start by picking up the damn trash and shut up.

  16. James Glenboski says:

    Vivzie: new merch

    Everyone in the comments (including me): SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  17. Alpha Sans says:

    *New hazbin hotel*
    “you don’t get any”

  18. Introverted insomniac that hates people says:

    Him: cool merchandise might not be your top priority

    Me: you’re sure about that(0w0)?

  19. Rollin' Dice says:

    Me: Sees a pin of a demon we saw in Hazbin Hotel for a moment


  20. Cosmic King says:

    My parents: What happened to all your money?
    Me: *shows this video

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