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The infamous “Radio Demon” shows up at the Hotel, for what purpose? Wait and see.

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75 Responses

  1. •Crunchy Cookie• says:

    0:35 “may I speak now?” YES PLZ KEEP DONG THAT

  2. Brandon Woods says:

    How does Charlie know that reforming demons will get them into heaven? Has it happened before? We gonna get any backstory?
    Also I really like Alastair’s design!!! He has this air about him where you know he could cause great harm if he really wanted too. I also keep getting this Wendigo-like picture when I look at him.

    • Ben johnson says:

      Well unfortunately for her, she is the daughter of Satan. my guess is that her bloodline is blocked off from heaven. that or it’s because shes a lesbian that swears.

    • Reniel Ramos says:

      +The Uninspired Name how do you know he’s a cannibal?

    • sisterhood-chain says:

      +Spiritualis Physicus Yeah, that’s BEFORE going to Hell, once you’re there, by Bible rules, you can’t get out.

    • Spiritualis Physicus says:

      +sisterhood-chain thats why i made my above comment about her going about torture psychology way

    • Jackson Schaefer says:

      Cloe Cramer I’ve actually thought that myself, and I think I have an explanation. I personally think the reason Charlie Downey leave is because she’s the princess of help and it’s her duty to stay and try to manage it

  3. Flerponius says:

    Not the voice I expected from Alastor

    (But the one we deserve)

    • Flaming Raider says:

      Flerponius I thought it would be a dark deep and creepy but it’s actually kind of cheery in some weird way

    • mia jones says:

      He sort of reminds me of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. Part of his creepiness comes from the fact that he sounds like someone you can trust a majority of the time

  4. Edgy Girl says:

    “HAHHAA!! Sooo many orphans…”
    Oh my god I love this demon

  5. Ransom Wright says:

    The stock market crash of 1929 was not the sole cause of the Great Depression, but it did act to accelerate the global economic collapse of which it was also a symptom. By 1933, nearly half of America’s banks had failed, and unemployment was approaching 15 million people, or 30 percent of the workforce.

    oh yeah, that one.

  6. Mecha Mancer says:

    Really love the voice effect on the radio demon really suits him

  7. Pop in lock in says:

    The facial expressions are fantastic

  8. Oofles oof says:

    Baby boy Baby


  9. Jose Javier Gil Caba says:

    “Cabrón HIjo de perra”… omg using my language for insults ♥

    • Brielle Delusion says:

      Jose Javier Gil Caba sorry to be a bother, but what does that mean in English? I’m not very good in spanish( I think that’s what that is) yet

    • El Baldi Que Acecha a Issa Mientras Duerme says:

      +Brielle Delusion It means “fucking son of a bitch”

    • Jose Javier Gil Caba says:

      +Brielle Delusion “Asshole” “Son of a bitch”

    • Angel Gabriel says:

      +Brielle Delusion Well there is no precise translation but I will give you a few meanings.
      1. Crazy son of bitch
      2. A mean, nasty bitch
      3. Mean son of a bitch
      4. Dirty son of a bitch

  10. Blanka Bánszki says:

    Don’t let him in! *lets him in anyway*

  11. At Lojart says:

    Hell. Oh.

  12. Kermit the Frog says:

    I love the old radio-esk sound in Alastors voice, I also didn’t expect it to be so high pitched lol i love it

  13. Dierdre Cabral says:

    0:16 when your ex wants you back, but you don’t want him

  14. Jime Diez says:

    00:53 that´s it, i love vaggie even more than i used to

  15. Alexi Marti says:

    I’m so in love with this character. So scary and so funny! I can’t wait! 😍❤ I am also in love with all the beautiful foul language being used. ❤

  16. Tօʏ Pʊքքɛt says:

    0:53 ese español papú, ufffff

  17. The Annihilator 117 says:

    1:02 literally Me when I talk to anyone who I overall don’t like… also I like this guy’s voice how did you make it sound like it’s coming through an old radio? Seriously I wanna know

  18. natures leaf says:

    Me whenever someone wants to talk to me 0:17

  19. Internet Dragon76 says:

    Okay where do I start.

    This demon. His voice is amazing? 10/10 voice acting and whatever filter or modification is used on it is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC but also ANY movement made by this dude is strikingly smooth and glorious! I cant get over the little bit this guy does at 0:40 – 0:44 and it makes me sad its literally only a four second bit because there’s just so much everything happening with his character and I love it. Another thing. 0:59. This. This frame. This image. This murder child. So beautiful. His color pallet is amazing. The glow is amazing. Everything about this image is so jam packed with details I can’t get over its beauty.

    1:00 Oi spider whachhu doin’?

    Starting at the frame at 1:02 to the very end at 1:10, this is sheer beauty. It just gives everyone a feel of what this character is. Also don’t think I didn’t pause/play for the moment the screen blanks out. I saw that. 1:08. Scary child. Makes me curious what he is in fact capable of. Though We’ll have to wait! Back to the beginning though, the very subtle change in tone in his voice as it leads to this threatening image is very very spot on, and also the way his eyes just revert into this radio-dial like state? 10000000/10. That is good attention to detail. I’m all over the place though, speaking of eyes i wanna shoot back to seeing him show up in the first place at 0:15 with the little radio static sound. I can’t get over the sheer detail that comes behind the name “Radio Demon.” And the door shutting in his face? Sounded like a paused recording. Again. 10/10.

    But back to where we left off at the near end of this short at 1:10, the absolute revert into the cheery energetic demon fuck face to say “I want to help” I’m just. So good.


  20. Caleb Hyles says:

    Sooooo, is this gonna be the best animated show of 2019 oooorrrrr….

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