he broke my nail polish

he broke my nail polish

Watch the nail polish rainbow organization video in full: https://bit.ly/RainbowOrderPolish

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40 Responses

  1. Phoebe Grigor says:

    “That weirdly makes sense” Ben realised he’d crossed over to the dark side

  2. SaturnKitKat - Roblox says:

    “I have to many like.. Weird Nudes..”
    *Ben awkwardly laughing*
    Cristine just realising: *laughs awkwardly too*

  3. Annabella Whitlock says:

    Me looking at the title: Looks like Ben’s sleeping on the couch tonight. O.O

  4. Julia S says:

    Beyyn asking Zyler why he’s so upset is so cat parent. You’re fed, what more could you want?

  5. itsGhost_Friend says:

    “Ben failed the rainbow”

    And that’s why his straight-

  6. JoJo Wu says:

    The rainbow looks good, but I think by brand is probably more “organized”

    • Aidan Evolves says:

      Same! I love the way the rainbow order looks but the different size/shape of bottles drives me crazy. That said, I don’t have to live with it lol.

    • Tika Catarina says:

      I agree! And not to mention the color of the cap too! It would drive me crazy with the different bottles and caps sizes. Plus Holo Toco deserves its own moment and to be grouped together!

    • Tika Catarina says:

      ^^^ My phone corrected “Taco” to Toco…. rip…. wtf is toco?

    • Meagain says:

      Shush heathens she spent way too much time on this lol

    • Monserrat Islas says:

      Yeah same it just idk……looks messy and just makes me idk……Just my opinion still love her❤️

  7. So Scared Of People says:

    Cristine: * arranges the nail polishes in the order of the rainbow on a giant shelf *
    Me: * arrange my brown and pink nail polishes from darkest to lightest in half a box *

  8. Edith Helbert says:

    Cristine: re-enacts Rapunzel.
    Beyn: re-enacts Porphyria’s Lover.

  9. TwilightIsLIfe4493 says:

    The second she started to reorganize I was like, “she’s gonna hate this.” lolol

  10. picknbeansmamma says:

    “Cristine: You don’t attack me. Ben: We’ll see about that.”
    “Cristine: You should climb up my braid. Ben: You should stop talking.”

  11. Reveille Hall says:

    CRISTINE:”WeLl I dO!”
    ME: “LMAO”

  12. Adrija - Vilija Liepina says:

    Me after spending a month and a half with my boyfriend in quarantine – “I just wanna talk to you” 😂😂

  13. Katlyn Britt-Mendez says:

    Me after every joke I make: “Look, iT’s fUnnY!”

  14. Katlyn Britt-Mendez says:

    Cristine: *meows with Zyler*

    Achievement unlocked: True Cat Lady

    • Jazlyn Hilker says:

      Katlyn Britt-Mendez “i can do things while i meow”

    • Mik Kurzhal says:

      Bruh I meow that way back and forth with my cat when she tries to sing at 3 am.

    • Antoinette Marlow says:

      I too am a true Cat Lady! I have for real catversations with my Tigerlily everyday! Don’t we all?? And what I will say, Cristine, is that I hate when Ben treats you that way!! What way? Well, when he gets grouchy! I hate that!!!! Lighten up, Beeeyyyyyynn! Don’t you realize that you are with Cristine because she helps you LIGHTEN UP?!?!? So – DO IT! 😝😱😛😵😝 Laugh for a change!!

    • Tracy Rose says:

      someone be the 1000th like i made it 999

  15. Rosecat Science says:

    When Cristine said “I need more water” I WAS shook I thought she was gonna say tea 😔

  16. Disiree Stephenson says:

    Man, every time she does a braid in her hair reminds me of when my hair was that long and the ache arms I would get from doing braids and other shit, and now that I have shoulder length hair, I am not regretting cutting it, because I would always do either a bun, a ponytail or just leaving it down because I cared that little about it. Plus it was always a pain getting things on (like bras, tshirts, shoulder bags and other shit) would always get caught in my hair.

  17. Radioactive Potato says:

    The different bottles existing near eachother


  18. Ripplewing of PetalClan says:

    Ben: “Why don’t you end the video”
    Cristine: “I just want to talk to you”

  19. HeyItsCettefille says:

    I can’t wait for the “putting my nail polish collection in brand order” video, I will watch every second lol

  20. Jordan Villanueva says:

    Is no one going to talk about how wholesome that end line of “I just want to talk to you”
    Because my *heart*

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