He Cheated, so I got Rid of Him by Using Mods…

He Cheated, so I got Rid of Him by Using Mods…

A Minecraft player recently betrayed me and cheated with mods on this SMP. It was my duty to restore order by making a Minecraft mod as the most powerful player on Content SMP.

A modded Minecraft video like when doctor4t / RAT made a mod for ClownPierce and unleashed him on his SMP or saved an SMP by destroying all end portals.

MOST OF THIS WAS RECORDED LIVE: https://www.twitch.tv/doctor4t

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Waluigi Pinball Remix by Qumu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Zl_TIv7drg

Most music from: https://share.epidemicsound.com/jrtvak

Minecraft video inspired by SMP content like rekrap2 and Parrot / ParrotX2 from the LifeSteal SMP.

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31 Responses

  1. Remor says:

    Doctor4t going mad with power is always a delight to see, especially with how creative things get (good thing his power is contained within this block game or we would have a swift case of world domination on our hands).
    One thing that absolutely sent me in this video, though, was ClownPierce’s “hey catch” rocket kill ( 18:21 ). That whole dynamic of Lux coming in with dramatic roleplay and Clown just casually pulling out a fireworks crossbow to shut them up with that remark, like this is all just child’s play, is just utterly amazing.

  2. Aceicle says:

    I have never wanted to be in a Minecraft server more in my life, this may be the coolest modpack I’ve seen in my years of Minecrafting, and I’ll be thinking that exact same thing again on the next installment of this series

  3. Kenwolf says:

    If i had a nickle for everytime dear rat maid killed someone by using mods, i’d probably have atleast thousands in a couple months

  4. Wythe Anderson says:

    I love how he just foreshadows being a madman while testing his remote detonator.

  5. catdust says:

    it’s not that changing the spawn rates that made you mad, it’s that he did it behind your back and tried playing the moral high ground card about it. i mean arathane could have just said “i changed netherite spawn rates so i could build an army”
    also as the server owner you ARE the moral high ground

    • Syrel says:

      It really isn’t a hard concept to grasp, but Arathain was too busy gesticulating and being pompous and moralistic to actually Get It

  6. Bøxed says:

    Mod idea: Boots with the fur (gives speed when worn and gives armour points of 3) crafted with 2 leather 2 wool of any colour and 2 feathers

  7. Penny RQ says:

    Rat went from villain to protagonist and back like 3 times in this series so far… this is amazing
    (edit: fixed words that were in the wrong place)

  8. Echoki says:

    I liked how Arathain tried to make it seem like he had the moral high ground, when in reality He’s the one who went behind your back and failed to simply say ” oh, i added a mod to increase netherite spawn rates.”. Thats literally all he needed to do, but instead, of failing to alert the SERVER OWNER, of a change to the SERVER, (that most likely would of been approved anyways[let’s be really here]), He instead decided to try and make you out to be the bad guy for enforcing a pretty basic rule. If you mess with the server, just let the owner know.
    What was really insulting though was trying to say he had the moral high ground, when in reality, he was reaping what he sowed, and had the least amount of ground to stand on.
    Rat’s not going mad with power.
    He’s going mad with possibilities, who else has messed with the server without his knowledge? Who else did so, but didn’t tell anyone, and kept it to themselves? Keep in mind, Arathain was only caught because he told people.

    Love the Mad Rat King!

  9. • Zanthuros • says:

    This series is just amazing to watch. It tells a great story, but also feels very natural (like as if everything just happened to be like that when playing).

    Question though: Is there a place where I can download Arathain’s mod of the Soul Moulds? Those things are really cool, and I would really like to use them for normal gameplay.

    • • Zanthuros • says:

      @Endarian Dragon Yeah, dude. I’m currently making a Modpack that has is combat and exploration centric, with a ton of bosses in it. Those things fit perfectly for an enemy that can haunt you for the whole game (kind of like the Warden).

    • Endarian Dragon says:

      I too wish to know, seems the mod id is mason but given extensive googling it seems to be a mod made for this smp sadly.
      Can only hope it gets released in the future along with all the other mods that cant be found.

  10. Boomaroom says:

    This dude has killed so many people using so many mods.

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