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Bennys channel https://youtube.com/c/BennySoliven

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26 Responses

  1. Screaam Marinaa says:

    love your little glow up alo, definitely living the dream with your boys. stay blessed and beautiful. ❤️

  2. Aracely Hernandez says:

    Alo is me being dramatic asf with the videos name “He left us “ 😭😂

  3. XLiz says:

    Awe seeing her so emotional for the baby 😢, it’s okay Alo just gotta remind urself that he’s in the best hands with Bennys mom 🤗

  4. BlueHil (Hilda) Love23 says:

    Alondra tearing up making me tear up. Awe Momma it will always feel like that. That’s your Lil family! Your so loved! 💜💙✨

  5. Trina C. says:

    The title “He left us” Got me like “Waaaaaait sis, let me find out he really left!”😮😆 lol. Love you guys. I know how it feels to have your man go on a work trip. Feels so lonely, no lie! Stay strong and keep little Benny close to you on the nights your love is gone. 💙💙💙

  6. Giovanna Loera says:

    My son is two and he barely stayed the night at his grandparents house for the first time on our anniversary. I was an emotional wreck so I know the feeling 🥺❤️

  7. Alicia Ceniceros says:

    It’s okay to cry momma! I remember the first time my daughter didn’t stay with us because we were both sick it was sad… I was a cry baby today when I was saying bye to my grandparents they live in NM and I live in TX 8 hrs away 😫

  8. Ysabel Fabian says:

    I love how in love alo is, all the B’s everywhere is so cute! In her nails, necklace, MASK omg! I freaking love it!

  9. Christine Lozano says:

    “It looks way better, there’s things on the shelf” lol yes Alo positive energy 💪🏼

  10. MarlenyNunez says:

    Alondra get Derma blend to cover your body marks body marks it’s the best it’s supposed to cover even tattoos

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