He really did that 😦😳 | #shorts

He really did that 😦😳 | #shorts

He really did that 😦😳 | #shorts

(via @kylesmaine)


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43 Responses

  1. suhani says:

    for a moment i thought he was gonna ski backwards,, but then he started fixing his shoe and i thought he would fall down… i could never turn my back to such a cliff,, he is immensely daring

  2. None of Yo business says:

    When the lvl 88 player shows up to the lvl 10’s lobby.

    Edit: Ya’ll chill. Tyler is just having a bad day, he’ll have a snicker soon and level up to 88 someday

  3. Eren the birb🕊 says:

    The dude already made a badass entry at the start saying *”Excuse me, Guys….I’ll do it.”* and got the job done.

  4. Kawtar fashion says:

    If we want to get rid of something you are afraid of, you have to try it , like this guy .. *why not*

  5. Marlo Nelson says:

    “You sending it bro?”
    “Sure, why not?”
    Legendary Moment 😂🔥

  6. Ishkur says:

    I love how those people in the distance are just specs at the top, then within a second of jumping down he’s passing them. Crazy speed

  7. Dick Trickel says:

    Love that “You going down?”

    “Sure, why not?”

    Fearless, they’re still picking their jaws out of the snow.

  8. SpenyGreenwoodie says:

    He made that look so easy 😆
    A true sign of someone who knows exactly what they’re doing

  9. Giorno Giovanna says:

    I was scared he would fall when he turned his back he could have slipped

  10. How to Survive Electronic Harassment says:

    I grew up skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado. My coach taught me that if I saw myself skiing when I close my eyes at night, or if I dreamed about skiing, I could train in my head or in my dream and get better in real life. It actually worked. It worked really really well actually. I became a much better skier, and much braver and what I would choose to ski and how.

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