He spoke at his friend’s funeral. Then his family learned he killed him.

He spoke at his friend’s funeral. Then his family learned he killed him.

From 2017 until now, the McCormick family endured a plea deal thrown out by a judge, a prosecutor who had his law license suspended, another prosecutor who was removed from the case, new more serious charges and COVID delays.

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37 Responses

  1. StopListenThink says:

    Horrible- If that’s your friend who needs an enemy

  2. Hi My Name Is I'm Nameless says:

    What A Disgusting Friend To Have. Condolences To This Family. One Hundred Year And 5 Days In Dark Infested Confinement.

  3. David Siracuse says:

    This day and age if you have 1 or 2 genuine loyal friends who have your back you are blessed. When I grew up loyalty among friends was sacred we always had each other’s backs no matter what.

    • French Bulldog Dad says:

      @Martha Gonzalez Sadly….NO1 but yourself

    • davidnso says:

      Nothing sucks more than having someone’s back no matter what and coming to the realization they don’t have yours

    • who cares says:

      In a way I say it’s true but at the same time I think stuff like this has always been happening it’s just now we have access to it. I will say it’s probably happening more now more than back in my days or yours but it still happened I see alotta crime tv & cold case stuff & ppl were killing friends & family for decades of documented cases & probably further back of undocumented cases

    • David Siracuse says:

      @davidnso I agree 👍

    • David Siracuse says:

      @Lois Jenkins I agree 👍

  4. TyrannyWatch says:

    Now that’s the definition of a bad friend.

  5. icare4you123 says:

    All the years this poor family has suffered needlessly. What kind of a person leaves someone in the water and takes the boat back to the dock? Unconscionable. Heartless.

    • Ano Vino says:

      He’s a cold hearted murderer.

    • Secret says:

      He was so close to getting away with it too. Had he said he couldn’t see his friend and said no more, then he would have gotten away with it or received a lighter sentence. The younger sister was really affected by it. I’m happy she got the closure she wanted.

    • allen hernandez says:

      @comment sense You dumb??? It is a criminal case… He killed someone and ran from the scene….

    • comment sense says:


    • allen hernandez says:

      @comment sense negligence? Cmon……… If im speeding in a car and kill my passenger, then i leave the scene is that Negligence? No its called leaving the scene of a murder you just commited……. hes a murder!!! Who tf leave their friend to die?

  6. Lori Rose says:


  7. Gilmour11 says:

    This guy drinks and becomes sadistic or he’s a sociopath. What a horrible thing to not even want to try to help save your friend.

    • who cares says:

      @Factman American did u not watch the video the guy has a history of doing stupid shite when he drinks it says he has several dui’s & even shot another friend when he was drunk. He chose to leave his friend to die he didn’t necessarily have to jump in if he was drunk but he couldve thrown a rope or something he couldve called for help thru the radio. Nope he decided to go home & go to sleep. Then he lied about it saying a different story than he said to police. Since he already lied he probably lied when he said he doesn’t know who was driving because how is it he remembers everything else except who was driving that’s a pretty big thing to forget.

    • Factman American says:

      @who cares Dude, FIRST, believing what the media reports anymore is just IGNORANT. I don’t trust them and nor should you or anyone else.

      How about this. We let more of the facts come out and see what’s what? If this guy is guilty of something, I’m fine with that.

      BUT REMEMBER: This is America and EVERYONE is innocent until PROVEN guilty. You can have your opinion, but it’s ONLY THAT, you’re opinion. Just like me and everyone else. But when you convict someone before all the facts come out, you become part of the problem.

      In my OPINION, with the limited amount of information we all have right now. I would guess he is guilty of something, but I want to wait until more facts come out before I throw ANYONE under the bus. I would hope if something bad happened in your life happened, you would want everyone to wait until all the facts came out before calling you guilty.

    • Godfearin' Jarhead says:

      @Factman American This guys past is riddled with DUIs, alcoholism, shot a friend of his while intoxicated. The evidence is already there, just based on his past. And he comes from wealth. People with money get away with more. They just bribe judges, attorneys, the jury. This guy is a heartless psychopath.

    • Alvaro aka Tico says:

      @Godfearin’ Jarhead Facts!

    • Denys S says:

      Him having selective memories! “I remember this, but not that” all glorified lies!

  8. Andy Jacobs says:

    How soulless a person must be to speak at someone’s funeral, all the while concealing the fact that they were responsible for that person’s death!

    • Wharton Madkins says:

      IRONICALLY….this is HAPPENING more THAN y,all
      THINK 🤔

    • 757 Trucker says:

      That hsppens more than you think. Growing up there was a saying Even the killer shows up to the funeral.

    • Alvaro aka Tico says:

      @757 Trucker Doesn’t this ring a bell? We have heard it before and the idiots still show up at a funeral, or help with a missing person case.

    • 757 Trucker says:

      @Alvaro aka Tico Remember the movie Juice where Bishop hugged Raheems mom after the funeral and he was the one who killed him.

    • Denys S says:

      Heart of steel..not an ounce of compassion or empathy! Wonder what kind of environment made him like that? No one is born evil..

  9. Symplelyfe09 says:

    Kudos to the judge for pulling back that slap on the wrist plea deal.

  10. Bernita Collins says:

    Dear Jesus, this is awful. The young man’s past history needs to brought into question as well. This is a pattern of behavior. Prayers for the victim’s family.

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