He Wasn’t Ready for the Hologram – Key & Peele

He Wasn’t Ready for the Hologram – Key & Peele

A former military operative comes out of retirement to take on a new mission, but a lot’s changed since he’s been gone.

About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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69 Responses

  1. Eltjavo says:

    How did he survive so many shots (and even point blank to the head)

  2. micahel schmidt says:

    That hot coffee joke got me my rolling in my bath water! I’m about to drown!

  3. Mazen Srari says:

    Ooooh booooy!!!

    That isn’t just Decker’s line, it’s my reaction eveytime I see there’s a new Key & Peele skit.

  4. Erik Maya says:

    I’m waiting for Lucifer to say Mother.?

  5. Hashirama Senju says:

    So Decker actually survived the head shot? What an absolute mad lad.

  6. Mr.Klean says:

    This is legit me when I first played with a PS4.

  7. itzvincentx3 says:

    *Decker: I guess I could come out of retirement.*

    *General: No. No need. Just a recommendation will do.*

  8. Isaiah Schuette says:

    Nothin better than a skit of Key and Peele we haven’t seen!

  9. Michael Frederic says:

    When he said “Tomato Tomato” I felt that.

  10. Nitesh Khatiwada says:

    Man these uploads are like Treasure Hunt for me … I keep coming back just to be able to find something new to me ???

  11. G10VANN1 TH3 G35 FAN says:

    Lol I thought I was watching Djimon Hounsou as shazam ??

  12. Fifatrill says:

    save the mouth-squirt for the new recruits, general

  13. Paulse Anithottam says:

    When he walked off in the other direction ?

    Seriously though, finding these KnP videos are priceless, thank you to the runners of this channel!

  14. Vivo Cano says:

    Who will win the 2020 elections?
    One hologram boi
    The chosen boi

  15. jordanMJK says:

    I knew her voice sounded familiar.
    That’s Sonya blade from Mortal Kombat X?

  16. Harambe picklenickle says:

    When you allow a Hobo to be a military operative

  17. Adrian Pagan says:

    They need to make a movie out of this character lol

  18. DoNothing says:

    Decker is the real life version of the saying, “Fake it ‘till you make it.”

  19. Sabre says:

    Finding a Key and Peele sketch you haven’t watched is like finding $20 in your pocket

  20. aClockworkTomato says:

    I would GLADLY watch a feature-length movie starring Decker. Somebody get on that!

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