Hear what Nick Saban, Tua Tagovailoa, & Da’Ron Payne said following Alabama’s epic win over Georgia

Hear what Nick Saban, Tua Tagovailoa, & Da’Ron Payne said following Alabama’s epic win over Georgia

Alabama head coach Nick Saban, freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, and defensive MVP Da’Ron Payne address the media following Alabama’s last-second, 26-23 win over the Georgia Bulldogs.

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61 Responses

  1. Alabama Pickers says:

    GREAT Game, and Congrats, guys!!

  2. Kevin Goatrant for MVP #ItsStillFuckStephCurry says:

    These last 3 national championship games have been giving me near heart attacks

  3. Real Religion says:

    Now sit back and watch how good Alabama will be these upcoming yrs with Hurt’s on the bench on Tua in the driver seat. Tua will bring a new life to this team, Hurt’s just is not a QB he needs to accept that.

  4. Maximus Wolfe says:

    Superb game. Tua is already a living legend by virtue of this performance. Incredible fight in this team, proud to be an Elephant rooter tonight. ROLL TIDE!!!!!!

  5. Dave C says:

    tua learned to not bring phone to pressers lmao

  6. Sera Smith says:

    Glad Bama have big guns like Tua 😉🤗 #Tuatheman

  7. CrimsonTide says:

    Tua (In case of emergency break glass) Saban made a championship decision.

  8. Wolf says:

    *Saban* = god status 😥

  9. Travon Johnson says:

    Roll tide Yes sirr

  10. benzman500sl says:

    Thought it was truly pathetic that DaRon wasn’t even asked a single question. It’s as if he wasn’t even there. Way to go sportswriters and reporters. Bunch of morons.

  11. Hunter Crain says:

    Damn, Da’Ron just sitting up there. 😂😂

  12. Jay Manager says:

    I know Jimbo Fisher probably calling Jalen’s cellphone like “Hey son you looking to transfer?” Lol

  13. J.Q. LAmone says:

    Jalen hurting

  14. Ohio State says:

    Alabama is now a placeholder. They have to make sure the trophy is polished and otherwise maintained properly. Next year it returns to its rightful owner.

    • Roc Righteous Ministry & Abandoned Exploration says:

      Rightful owner is Bama. OS fails and get’s beat every year by a cup cake

    • Martin Smallwood says:

      Don’t worry Bama fans, Clemson will take care of OSU again if they get to the playoffs.

    • Brandon Lee says:

      Butthurt and making a fool of yourself over Bama again. Ohio State did not win the games they needed to win to get in. DEAL WITH IT! For the second time you need to blame Urban Meyer NOT Bama or the SEC. Moron.

    • Ryan Adams says:

      Ohio state wouldn’t have even beaten Clemson, they talk all this game but they wouldn’t be holding that trophy if they were in this situation, it’d be Georgia

    • cccjsw says:

      We’ve won twice since you won in 14… 😂😂😂🐘🐘🐘

  15. NaKUA says:

    Tua looks more nervous here than he did going in, down 13 points

  16. Chukwuka Obidike says:

    Tua got lowkey roasted by Saban lol “Missed a signal.

  17. Davaul Blackmon says:

    What sold me on tua was when he said he looked off the safety long enough for him to throw the touchdown….I don’t think jalen even looks at any of his reads past ridley and the running backs. Could you only imagine the numbers on offense if tua was the starter..Robert foster and ridley would be 1000 yard receivers each

  18. ekunkel17 says:

    Love how everyone bails on Jalen Hurts after Tua comes in and wins. Jalen Hurts got them to the national campionship twice, with a record of 25-2. The two of them together (Hurts/Tua) would be a solid tandem, but to just throw Hurts to the side now is somewhat irrational.

    • snake doctor says:

      taylor trash it’s just you

    • Eric Walker says:

      I totally agree with you. The kid is a winner and a great leader.

    • Tim Stone says:

      prolly cuz they were on their way to L town again with jalen

    • Tim Stone says:

      Every since they went with hurts I thgt he was a great athlete but potential to be a decent qb. I never saw growth in him from last year to now. But face it, tua is clearly the better qb of the two

    • Ohio State says:


      Saban was crazy to even start Hurts over Tagovailoa. He is head and shoulders above Hurts. Had Saban kept that bum in the game Georgia would have won in a blowout. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hurts transfers and Saban shrug his shoulders.

  19. Kevin Cash says:

    I am a Georgia fan and am upset but I congratulate Alabama and think Nick Saban is a great guy and deserves the win

  20. IMO Sports says:

    Tua gave Jesus the glory!

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