“Heart Emojis” – Tom MacDonald & Brandon Hart ft. Nova Rockafeller

“Heart Emojis” – Tom MacDonald & Brandon Hart ft. Nova Rockafeller

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WRITTEN BY Tom MacDonald, Nova Rockafeller & Brandon Hart

SHOT by Nova Rockafeller

MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

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35 Responses

  1. Marfoogle News says:

    As A Youtuber, Tom is an Inspiration. As a Fan, Tom is exactly who people want to be at the top of the charts. This is the underdog story of a Lifetime. And its not going to end anytime soon

    • highlyblest says:

      M a r f o o g l e 😎

    • JoblessBoy says:

      Here’s food for thought. God is our father and the world is using the mama spirit to destroy the the children (turning them into all sorts, insecurity, depression, gender confusion etc.) and turn them away from their earthly father hence our father in heaven because we need to love all people especially our own fathers to return to God. So once the kids inherit their earthly mother’s identity they pass it on and on for generations without knowing or seeing the father spirit, that’s why Jesus came to return us to the father by loving him.
      Well if we look back to the time of Adam and Eve. Eve was the first one to be used by the serpent to cause Adam to fall because she was the weaker vessel. It’s the same today. Eve became subjected to the serpent’s lies and Adam became subjected to the Eve, the woman’s lies. Everything will make sense when you look at the world and apply the order of God which is “God over Christ, Christ over man, Man over woman, Woman over children”. It’s not the woman but the spirit in her needs guidance and when men fails to guide them with the love of Christ then family breaks apart.
      I don’t agree with everything JLP says but if we look at the world and compare it biblically as to how it’s using the mama using emotions such as anger, self hate etc. to destroy the masculinity, logic, common sense etc. It’s quite true.

      Forgive everyone especially our parents (“I am sorry for resenting you, now I know you couldn’t help yourself and I now return to my father in heaven through Jesus” – if they overreact just ignore them and be on your way, God will forgive us) who couldn’t help themselves and return to the father through Christ. 🙂

      Yes we need to return to the father. When mother find Christ, they pass Christ identity to their children instead of the Mother’s spirit. Retuning them to the father God.
      ​Guys we all need to stay out of our heads & mind. Do a silent prayer by being still and know God for 10-20 minutes a day. Dont overthink and allow our emotions and thoughts to take over. Keep Captive.
      ​Our minds and thoughts are of the world, we live by the spirit of God and he renews our mind. Stay with the silent prayer and be free from temptation and anger, hate etc.

    • Shastina says:

      @Marfoogle News I read this comment and agreed before I realized who wrote it! Lol! Adam you are spot on…again! @Tom MacDonald You got two big fans here! Would be awesome if Marfoogle News could have you on and even do a quick Shoutro rap! 😁👍 Much love!☝💪✌❤💯

    • Shastina says:

      @Ryan Blair Something Prince fought the industry for and Tom avoided all together! Right on!

  2. Marfoogle TV says:

    Tom doesent forget who helped him get where he is, Hence Brandon Hart and pushing him up. He wants everyone to be on the same level. Wishing Hart the best

  3. rinzo says:

    The official diss track for every ex-lover out there (especially those that have caused you pain).

  4. Cassidy Miller says:

    I had to double back the end like 10 times. Dam Tom. Don’t know it own strength. Loved her laugh

  5. D-GiBBY says:

    You know that EX is overly flabbergasted about the positive impact left on millions from these 3!!😍💯💪😎

    #HOG #GibbyGang

  6. Trish Voss says:

    I have never listened to rap, couldn’t stand it, never understood it. I have been listening to Tom recently after I can across Fake Woke and totally loved it. I caught this release today and it was so fun! I hope you all continue to enjoy and have fun with what you are creating for the world to hear!

  7. Dean says:

    Really glad this community exists, sane people keeping each other sane

  8. Tommy G says:

    Pop music today wants you to forever loath and be depressed over an ex. Tom realized that and comes out with a song that reminds you why you left in the first place🙌🏼

  9. Joseph Woehrle says:

    I looked like y’all had fun making that one ☝️

  10. Tyler Godspeed says:

    I don’t even have the motivation to get out of bed and here’s Tom out here dropping bangers every week 😂

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