Love you guys.

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20 Responses

  1. Eliza's Channel says:

    And she wanted kids ??

  2. Esther Jessica says:

    The video’s monetized

  3. Grande23 says:

    ”I promise to choose you when things get hard” ~ Joshua ((On their
    wedding day))

  4. Florida Girl 101 says:

    Omg there wedding is in the video list ???

  5. Claire McCune says:

    I can help but think, looking around him, boxes, suitcases. The echo means
    that house is empty. Little Noah and Lilly were meant to be running those
    halls with Shadow chasing them. It’s a house meant for a family and I just
    can’t believe what’s happened.

  6. RachelKatWalsh says:

    i absolutely HATE to put out any opinion of mine on someone else’s
    relationship, especially in this context, but i just wanted to say my
    piece. you two are obviously so distressed about this and i know i don’t
    know the background around why colleen wants this, but i just want to say
    that having had a relationship as long as you two have and have it be that
    good, that relationship is a good one. and a healthy one. and this is a
    common occurrence later on in relationships where one or both parties will
    become more stressed, and then they’ll try to nitpick things that are wrong
    with the relationship and decide that it’s better to leave than to continue
    facing adversity. this is no criticism of colleen, by the way. this happens
    all the time. it’s also worth baring in mind that (as far as i know)
    colleen is a very happy-go-lucky person who hasn’t dealt with strong mental
    health issues. therefore she like, trusts her thoughts? (weird concept for
    me, since i suffer from anxiety and i get so many unhelpful thoughts that
    i’ve trained myself to know when my thoughts are reasonable and genuine and
    when it just my brain trying to sabotage itself and get ahead of itself.
    i’m so sorry to speculate about your relationship, i know that’s shitty of
    me and i know that it’s none of my business. i would just reconsider, is
    all. if you’ve been together so long and have had such a good relationship,
    then it’s clear that it should be able to work out. i think it’s very
    possible for it to work out, and i don’t think you two should jump to a
    divorce. try to work through your adversity, that’s what a married life
    means. just my two cents

  7. Amy Averess says:

    I’m so sorry

  8. kElSeYS says:

    i cryed in both of your videos , i swear i thought i was dreaming , oh my
    god , please don’t do it please don’t pleasssseeee

  9. Candy Guo says:

    Show her you love her . Show her you still care about her. Tell her you
    want her. But Josh if it doesn’t work out don’t fight because this is just
    meant to be. And there are so many more and other chances for both you and
    her. And it’s the right thing to do

  10. Berra Okyaltırık says:

    Please Watch her video. Collen still loves you!? try to talk to her?I
    know you can steal her heart again?

  11. Ess says:

    he sounds like hes blaming her for everything

  12. Lunar says:

    If both of u guts don’t want the divorce… THEN STAY TOGETHER

  13. 1 Million Videos Is My Goal says:

    Both of u are taking a break from the internet, we will miss u guys!

  14. Daisy Gonzalez says:

    I just watched collens video ???????????

  15. ItzNotSnowHimzelf Is Snow's bae says:

    Why do people think it’s okay to come from Colleen’s video and start hating

  16. Logi Bro says:

    who the fuck is this, and why is this video trending

  17. Grace Mckenzie says:

    omg I am ligit crying

  18. Little Rosie says:

    Josh video is 5 minutes and Collen is like 11

  19. Mikayla Knouse says:

    I thought the two of them were going to start growing a family and having
    kids and I see this and it is heartbreaking.

  20. Holly Madison says:

    I’m sorry Joshua I hope u feel better