Hearthstone: The MMO Unveiled!

Hearthstone: The MMO Unveiled!

We’re pleased to unveil the next epic game from Blizzard Entertainment—”Hearthstone: The MMO!”

Beta sign-ups coming Soon™.

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20 Responses

  1. hugo joulie says:

    First of april

  2. Virck says:

    Over here with Snoopavision, all heil the glorious 420 Soon™ to be blazed.

  3. Willy Souza says:

    April’s Fool

  4. spoony says:

    Aprils fools

  5. Jared James says:

    Well thats 55s of my life i wont get back. Who threw this together at the
    last minute?

  6. Avinash “šh” Dhond says:

    Blizzard you SAVAGE ;)

  7. Michael Coffey says:

    Lmao, it does make sense since I have friends that play hearthstone but not
    wow, like really?

  8. Plaguewalkerful says:


  9. Patrick Eggers says:


  10. Kyle “TLr420” Buudah says:

    They didn’t put money in this joke.

  11. thiago bordoy says:

    first april :)

  12. artturi Antola says:

    This is something ive waited for so long!

  13. Alexander Bukreyev says:

    looks like this game will have fugly graphics

  14. Emilio azecas says:

    april fools?

  15. James Calbraith says:

    Too bad it’s never going to happen…

  16. Aidan Kelley says:

    When are we getting World of Warcraft: The Card Game?

  17. vex says:

    I would. If there were any content…

  18. siegpasta says:

    ehh this is WoW… …. couldn’t they be a little more creative?xD

  19. JTAC Bluemansonic says:

    Needs more Annoy-A-Trons…

  20. Domenick Monaco says:

    still better than WoD