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  1. Ryzleez says:

    Thats depressing that he tried protecting his grandpa but didnt make it out

  2. Mason Kolb#30 says:

    I gotta wonder does he ever cry why doing these 😭😢

    • E says:

      @Riadens Son Kamz BRUH this dude literally said that he’s in it for the money does that not sound self entitled like a karen to you

    • E says:

      @Riadens Son Kamz and who’s the one writing an unnecessary paragraphs of a description of a karen and another unnecessary paragraph trying to be a tough guy because your little feeling got hurt you shut your trap go cry in your corner

    • Mason Kolb#30 says:

      @Himiko Toga yeas I saw that

    • Mason Kolb#30 says:

      @Samuel Gwiyo what?🤣🤣 is this you ?

  3. White Sheriff says:

    I Will remmember him alright😭 when u said the part where his arms were around his grandpas Made me so sad

  4. The Abyss says:

    He was a hero and died only at the age of 8. That almost made me cry.

  5. TTV_ TheMello says:

    Not all here wear capes, Rest in peace ❤️

  6. Zachary Sweet says:

    “But the end will shock you” me thinking: oh so he’s the one that lit it on fire ok

  7. Jamie Anderson says:

    That boy deserves a new house in heaven 😭

  8. Nightmare Yt says:

    That kid is a hero that he saves his 6 family members god and Jesus will be very proud that he saves 6 of his family members 🙏🏻

  9. Alexa Drew says:

    I am literally crying he was so brave to run back into a fire to save his grandpa.His family were so lucky to have an amazing,brave,warm-hearted son.He was only 8 and he died a hero and knowing he saved 6 members of his family and tried to save his grandpa.😢😭💔Well done you little hero.

  10. Gabriell Williams says:

    Sooo nobody not gonna talk about why did the other family members let the boy, only 8, go back in the fire to save this grandpa but not them????

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