HEAT MAP Microwave- a NEW invention

HEAT MAP Microwave- a NEW invention

Here’s an idea I’ve had for over a year on how to make a waaaaay better microwave using Infrared and Heat Maps! I hope you guys like it. If you want one, sign the petition here: http://www.bettermicrowave.com/

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Special thanks to FLIR for some help with some of the IR shots.


Outro Music is “Bottles” by A Shell In The Pit.
Download them here: http://ashellinthepit.bandcamp.com/track/minke-bottles

Main song is “Too Happy to be cool” by Notebreak- https://soundcloud.com/notebreak/dubstep-too-happy-to-be-cool

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18 Responses

  1. Jason Cavett says:

    Yup…I would buy this microwave. Perfectly cooked bacon, here I come!
    #gadgets #technology #microwave

  2. Jaya Kavi says:

    That’s it… Take my money! 

  3. Charles Douglas-Osborn says:

    This makes complete sense (and impressed he got himself a patent on it!) –
    I’ve always wondered why they haven’t improved the toilet…

  4. Alissa Frederick says:

    Sent by Destin of SmarterEveryday. Sounds awesome!!

  5. Porkchop Sandwiches says:

    Nice shirt retard

  6. zach bracken says:

    That shirt though

  7. Maks Meulenmeesters says:

    The image doesnt make sense, if i put my plate in the microwave it also
    gets hot and in this video it doesnt. Also the other space in the microwave
    should get red because that also gets hotter. Great concept but why hasnt
    it been thought of before?

  8. Bubby211 says:

    I made a microwave burrito once… I tried to shake it out of the
    wrapper… some of the filling came out and landed on my foot… pain

  9. SharinganBob says:

    nice bac0n memes m8 i r8 8/8

  10. zEcToR 45 says:

    nice, but I would like to see an actual temperature reading instead of
    color only. I would buy if I could see the temperature in real time along
    with the infrared color scale.

  11. Mooja12 says:

    Great ideas! Have a dollar. +ChangeTip 

  12. Jetin Dhinjal says:

    omg, yes!

  13. Evan Seal says:

    Best highdea ever 

  14. dorian3456 says:

    amazing clever and smart! i want one

  15. Daniel Cooke says:

    Anyone hear the Legend of Zelda sound FX when the burrito changed color!?
    Surely i’m not the only one?

  16. William Yuan says:

    that skirt where can i get it?

  17. Da Boy says:

    That’s a good idea

  18. Clelia Rs says:

    Good idea, Signed, let me know…how things progress.