In this clip, JJ Redick talks about Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo and The Miami Heat taking a 3-0 lead against Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and The Boston Celtics. He also talks about the difference in “connectivity” between the two teams led by coaches Erik Spoelstra and Joe Mazzulla.

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59 Responses

  1. JD Bottorff says:

    I want the heat to win it all. Nothing against the nuggets but I wanna see Jimmy get one

  2. SHD says:

    Jimmy really showing how to be a leader in this playoff
    Superstar, letting everybody shine

  3. Kevin Llanes says:

    Miami should sweep Boston tomorrow to get the series over with to give Butler more rest

  4. Jeff says:

    We really went from Golden State running through everyone to a Nuggets and Heat Finals. THIS is what PARITY looks like

    • Bïll Belïchïck 🇺🇸 says:

      I agree besides the fact that Draymond can kick Jaylen with both his feet when they’re down and just steal all of game 4s momentum and the chance to go down 3-1 to Boston

    • lakeshoresubtleties says:

      ​@Bïll Belïchïck 🇺🇸 ok bill. You’re not biased.

    • TheHeadincharge says:

      @Bïll Belïchïck 🇺🇸 Lmao ok buddy. Celtics weren’t winning that series, it was obvious after game 2.

    • SeDoHeMa says:

      You can’t copy what the heat do

    • Young Philosopher says:

      What goes up must come down. No man’s reign last forever. Every dog has his day and everything flips around.

  5. Tranay Borah says:

    We deadass need the dna test

  6. Hurricanepapi1 says:

    As a heat fan we been on a hell of a rollercoaster 🎢 this season from being damn near depressed in the regular season now one win to the finals 😂

    • Yvng Scar says:

      I feel this as a fellow heat fan. But gotta love the heart to this team

    • Bryce says:

      As a fellow heat fan, I felt this, it’s been a bit of a dissapointing season but wow, our boys freaking got it together in the postseason, I’m so proud of them and everyone who’s stepped up

    • Jaerock Chalk says:

      @Yvng Scar didn’t watch all season but i hope for lowry to get a 2nd and for jimmy to finally get a well deserved ring . Wouldn’t mind if Nuggets won though , Denver Miami finals would be great so i can be happy either way!

    • Nod Myers says:

      On god I been losing my mind all year now we wanna play like the Warriors the first year with KD 😂😂

    • JaJaun Evans says:

      It’s been wonderful last yr around this time we was battling this same team . Pat Riley and Coach Spo and coaching staff and players didn’t forget that feeling

  7. MatrixProdigy says:

    I’ve never seen a team check all the boxes like Boston get completely embarrassed like this. Top end stars ✅ rim protection and perimeter defense ✅ shooting ✅ depth ✅ top 5 in both offense and defense ✅. They have everything in theory

    • JedKyle says:

      They’ve had lower level coaching all year building poor habits

    • PipeNastyGaming says:

      Lakers? Are they not getting exposed, i fasho wanted them to win the series. Jokic looking like the real mvp

    • lbonts says:

      @PipeNastyGaming lakers sucked for half the season and have a bunch of aging stars with random role guys, denver is the #1 seed with the recent 2 time mvp, they’re just outmatched

    • Simran Kang says:

      Regular season team performance is the regular season, you find out their true value in the playoffs.

    • JedKyle says:

      @PipeNastyGaming  lakers series has been a close series despite them being up 3-0

  8. Alfonso Martinez says:

    as a basketball fan. it’s painful to watch a Respected Boston team just quit like that. 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Your Favorite Sports Podcast says:

    Jimmy and the Heat do not make basketball any harder than it should be and it is great to watch. 2 or 3 dribbles max before the ball either goes up or is swung to the next man. Not much wasted movement out of anyone. Couple all that with the unshakable belief in themselves and this what we have gotten so far. This is the NBA we have mossed for the past 10 years.

    • B H says:

      Energy efficiency. Every movement, every step, every pass, every shot, every off-the-ball rotation is though out so well.

      100% agree. No wasted movement. Spacing is so well done. None of the jumbled mess of teammates running into each other or crowding each other. Clear communication on staying 2-3 steps ahead on both defense and offense.

    • Gio Stevens says:

      When I was thought basketball it was the ball is the fastest thing on the court so passing was the key or giving it to the point guard kings now not thought that

    • Tyler Holt says:

      Did you miss the GSW dynasty?

    • Nolan ZW says:

      I love that despite Jimmy being able to do it, they don’t run that many ISO plays for him. They can fall back on it when he gets a good mismatch, but they all prefer to play as a team. I’ve been happy to see most of the teams finally getting away so many ISO plays like for the previous 20+ years. It started around GSW’s rise, but took a bit for rest of league to catch up.

  10. Darren Swift says:

    Jimmy Butler is one of the greatest playoff performers in NBA history. His stats might not say it, but the level he takes his game to in the playoffs, compared to the level it is in the regular season, one of the greatest playoff performers ever

    • Christopher Gibson says:

      in NBA history ?…lmao… the man has only been out of the second round 3 times….let’s not get carried away’

    • T K says:

      @Christopher Gibson yea recency bias is a real thing 😂

    • JC says:

      @Christopher Gibson he’s the only one who’s ever matched LeBron’s level on both ends of the floor in the finals and he just had one of the (if not the) greatest single game performance vs the Bucks, not to mention every other game this playoffs. There’s players that are great in the playoffs but no one in the NBA has the killer instinct that Jimmy has to close games nowadays. This man literally doesn’t miss when there’s 6 minutes left in the game. I love Kobe but even he missed more than Jimmy in the clutch

    • Larry Yoder says:

      His level of play regular season to playoffs has to be one of the best ever

    • The Sky Is Blue says:

      @Larry YoderFor real, goes from all star to elite top 5. Insanity!

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