HEAT WAVE | Hottest Summer Days Living Off Grid

HEAT WAVE | Hottest Summer Days Living Off Grid


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14 Responses

  1. Susan Romp says:

    I sure miss y’all. The babies are getting so big. Can’t wait to see the next phase of your build when y’all start the barn. Gods Blessings✝️💜✝️

  2. Travis Martin says:

    glad to see yall are finally fencing up the crawl space and will keep snakes out. one extra tip in case you all have not done already is to take some extra of the screen material used for the skirting and secure the screen material over top of the vent stacks on the roof for the plumbing. Reason is snakes can and will crawl into the vent stacks and get into your plumbing and come up through bathtub, etc. I don’t recall off the top of my head where you all had the stacks but I am guessing you probably have 2-3 up there. keep it up, y’all are doing a great job. and yes write a book about how solar/electric conversion is not for everyone, it would be impossible for 350MM of us in the US to make this conversion. too expensive, too much space needed, too much maintenance and batteries are already scarce. You all are doing an honorable job, but more importantly showing just how difficult it really is to complete. blessings to all of you.

  3. Baracudabill says:

    I can’t express how much joy I get from watching your journey in construction and life… with so much negativity in the world right now, you guys always bring a smile to my face as I watch your family unit acheive minor and major milestones. Although I’m not putting in the effort, I somehow feel accomplished when you complete a task. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  4. HempressJessi says:

    I was literally here in withdrawal! Like we need these happiness fixes in our lives, please NEVER stay away so long again! Watching you guys turns my day around in less than 20 minutes every single time ❤

  5. Amanda Thompson says:

    I’m so emotional about you guys finishing! I’ve been watching since the beginning and am so proud of you guys. You’re such a sweet family and I wish you lots of joy and happiness!

    • DragonflyArtz1 says:

      I was just hitting that zone myself. Thinking of the incredible journey it has taken to get to this point. I feel like you guys should celebrate! Role the clips and have some drinks and then feast! We love you guys!

  6. Carla Wilson says:

    It’s amazing how far this family has come. From watching from the beginning, to how far and wonderful your house looks. You two should be so proud of yourself and accomplished. Thanks for letting us all follow your accomplishments.

  7. DC Mc says:

    I love the skirting. Great job, Spencer. The stain on the skirting will eventually catch up to what’s on the porches. Kenzie is correct about the combo of sun aging the wood while additional coats of stain will make it darker as well. Also…enjoy the grain of the wood. It’s beautiful in all its diversity.

    I know you probably hate people making suggestions to you, but I’m gonna take a chance anyway. I suggest figuring out a way to shade your HVAC condensers in the summer so they don’t work so hard. I understand why you might not want to plant a tree, which would provide shade in the summer and lose it’s leaves to allow the sunshine to hit the condensers in the winter–there are maintenance factors as well as the leaves shedding close to the equipment. However, perhaps you could rig up some beautiful sun shade sails in some way to add a design/feature element, but also allows the flexibility of removing it in the winter to allow the sun to reach them. I know that I save a lot of money/power usage by having some smaller shade trees casting a shadow on my HVAC for most of the hot summer days.

    Whatever you decide…good luck! I believe in you!!

  8. Sheree Zielke says:

    You two are amazing. Work ethics unsurpassed. And I am just saying, that were all the world’s children to be blessed with parents like you two….!

  9. Rose Bayer says:

    So happy to hear the house is officially finished! You guys did an amazing job plus expanded your family by 2 beautiful little ones while you were building it. That’s just incredible. Wishing you 🌧 and a chance to cool off. Have a wonderful week ahead. 😊

  10. Leisa Smith says:

    WOW!! This almost made me cry. I have been here since you two were digging the footings. Just look how beautiful your home is now.
    One of my most memorable videos was the one where you had finished the first porch and you sat the rockers out there. I had made a comment that you would most likely grow old together rocking on that porch. So happy for your beautiful family. You both are some determined, hard working people.
    How brilliant of you to document this on YouTube. You deserve every dime you have made from this series. Kenzie, you’ve put a lot of hours into formatting editing. I must say, your skills are top notch. Thanks to both of you for the great entertainment over the years!!

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