HEATED!! Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia • FULL FINAL PRESS CONFERENCE | ShowTime Boxing

HEATED!! Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia • FULL FINAL PRESS CONFERENCE | ShowTime Boxing

FULL VIDEO | HEATED!! Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia • FULL FINAL PRESS CONFERENCE | ShowTime Boxing

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30 Responses

  1. Minion_Dave5-O says:

    Thanks for Tank and King Ryan for giving the fans for this fight. No running for 5 years or making excuses. Fighting in your prime. Thank you for being brave.

  2. J D says:

    This one is going in the books. Haven’t been this excited for a fight in a long time

  3. Heart_ leSS37 says:

    One of the most anticipated fights in a long time. This is a superbowl fight. Both fighters undefeated, got physical work, and mental work. They both do the work they talk. And for the first time ever I don’t know who to go for 😂. Just watching this press event was crazy. To the best fighter 🏆 .

  4. Jackie Q says:

    Respect to these two young boxers that are willing to put that zero in the line in their primes.

  5. Urbanroots84 Tt says:

    Like everyone has already said… two young and hungry fighters , at the top of their game , ready to go head to head!! Nuff said ! God bless both fighters and the best man wins!!!

  6. Big Daddy™️ says:

    Even amount of hope for both fighters. Should be a serious fight ☝🏼🔥

  7. Stephen Chuk-d says:

    Big ups to these two for giving us this fight in both their prime.

    • Javier Lopez says:

      @Mikey G you don’t know wtf you talking about

    • Aphorim says:

      @Mikey G Boxing is a different sport altogether, it’s not basketball or football, or tennis, or even mma. In those sports reflexes and physical ability are paramount, in mma you can offset a lot of the brutality and raw power with excellent wrestling background. In boxing, prime is also the psychological aspect, a lot of boxing technique relies on frame of reference gained from experience, so reflexes aren’t carrying the complete load of defensive and offensive technique, it’s experience. You learn angles of attack, you’re able to recognize patterns and close off angles of attack, or preempt your own attack to offset the opponents attack, because as you gain experience you’re able to remain calmer, and this allows you have better kinetic control. In other sports, it doesn’t matter if you know what they’re doing to beat you, because you can’t punch them in the face or body to weaken them. Prime is also determined by weight class and how boxing has changed. For example, flyweights have a faster and shorter prime on average, because they throw and take more punches. The heavier the weight class, the longer prime condition may be maintained, and can be achieved at an older age. Roberto Duran achieved his most important victories past his prime, against opponents who were considered prime. Also, boxers used to have a relatively early prime and very short prime, because they fought year round, year after year. For example, Canelo is already heading past his prime, because he’s been in pro fights for 16 years, that’s shtload of wear and tear.

    • Jancy Vargheese says:

      @Mikey G a man has the most muscle and bone density at his peak age of 32

    • Mikey G says:

      @Aphorim bro early twenties and mid is when ur have the most testosterone and reflexes are at its peak. How can u say 35 if 33 is when ur body starts to decline physically

    • Aphorim says:

      @Mikey G foh, no it isn’t bro, you flat out misinformed lmfao

  8. Celestine Nkabalema says:

    This fight brings back the excitement I have not had in a longtime about a well matched boxing match.

  9. D-Cypher says:

    “We took all your fighters and Floyd beat them” IS CRAZY 💀

  10. Adam Rietz Frantzich says:

    Each side of trainers, managers etc are so entertaining 🤣
    The fighters are HELLA ENTERTAINING too specially in the ring!
    This is going big and I’m buzzing!

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