Heaven King – Hit The Quan Dance | #HitTheQuan #HitTheQuanChallenge – iHeart Memphis

Heaven King – Hit The Quan Dance | #HitTheQuan #HitTheQuanChallenge – iHeart Memphis

5-year-old Heaven King and her dance crew are back! The group performs choreography to iHeart Memphis – “Hit The Quan” in the Big Apple, NYC! #HitTheQuan #HitTheQuanChallenge.

Directed and choreographed by Tianne King.

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20 Responses

  1. lucy baby says:

    See ya never you gonna get kidnapped!

  2. Donald Holmes says:

    Please come here please don’t make me feel sad

  3. Sydneylove says:

    Also people who disliked this don’t know how to hit the quan like u guys

  4. Hunter Willis says:

    you go heaven

  5. Charla TV says:


  6. BritneySpears MyIDOL says:

    I’m the 6,000 likers! ^_^

  7. Damere Johnson says:


  8. Lps DragonCrystal says:

    Hope this doesn’t catch onto my school…oh god 

  9. elsabet Dagne says:

    Wow that was amazing

  10. D'easa Tilmen says:

    nice heaven

  11. Reann Roberts says:

    you go girl

  12. nellyjellybelly says:

    She’s 5 fuck you

  13. Richard Grant Corpuz says:

    what is this?

  14. Tahiyah Walden says:

    omg she is so cute

  15. Elmer Monroe says:


  16. Te'Ara Mishe' says:

    Congrats on the target commercial. I see you girl!!!!!

  17. Cassandra Batté says:

    I wish i can join you guys u guys are just so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Maylene Mendoza says:

    love it teach me some dance moves

  19. Taina Douglas says:

    so cute awwww nice!!!!!!!!

  20. chyna moon says:

    This child is going to be a BIG STAR!!