Heist – Lindsey Stirling

Heist – Lindsey Stirling

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Produced by Anthem Films
Director: DJay Brawner
Producer: Mike Longenbach
Editor: Alex Jones
VFX: Tanner Merrill

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20 Responses

  1. Joshua Donelson says:

    Cool new take on a song… love the fact that you are a character in a
    game. (y) #TOPSCORE

  2. laura hdez says:

    I like this video you’re the best

  3. Lets Kiki says:


  4. Alex Movitz says:

    Dear DC and Marvel,
    This. Style a movie visually like this and I would watch it.


    this video is very power rangers-esque

  6. Sergey “Kasihin” SwetMan says:

    Theme from “Pixels”, not bad.

  7. ephydias says:

    Compared to your other videos it’s… not your best. Been listing to that
    song for 2 years now, great one! Hope to get more videos like your “Take
    flight”. Keep them coming!

  8. Lydia (Candy Cain Cool) says:

    Summary of most of Lindsey’s music videos:
    Lindsey feels like she can’t do nadda
    Lindsey gets violin
    Hee hee, I love her videos. She and the video crews are amazing.

  9. Progressive Failure says:

    This is amazing! You were awesome! I want my music videos to be like this,
    so good.

  10. ↑ýr says:

    Violon OP, nerf plz!

  11. joepike1972 says:

    Wow Lindsey was able to play Dr. Langeskov without someone else playing the
    live game.

  12. Дима Димович says:


  13. Crusader2992 says:

    “I am the LAW!!!” That’s the place my mind went when the first fight began.

  14. jesus soto says:

    *O* <3

  15. Luna Nanouk says:

    I wasn’t all the way a cross the Atlantic

  16. geckokin338 says:

    Blood dragon called, they want their royalty money.

  17. Sadie Raap says:

    I herd this song when I was playing pop dash

  18. Maxime Clipet says:

    Wow really I love it so muchhhhhhh it is my favourite music with Cristalize
    ans Éléments ?

  19. Fernandafort Kpop says:

    Awesome awesome awesome!!! ? You look so pretty in this mv

  20. PatrickArgentina says:

    Amazing!! I hope we can see you again in Argentina soon :))